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    I don't think wank metal is a necessarily negative descriptor.

    I like Behold the Artctopus, and I love Blotted Science, and those are both pretty wanky bands.
  • self pleasure core
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    Do the super fast brutal death metal bands count as wanky? Like deeds of flesh and origin?
  • on rym I think the genre is called "brutal prog"
  • @TTK is that metal? I thought that was a form of weird jazz rock or something
  • ehhh it seems to be one of those genres that's almost an addendum to other genres, but not one that can stand entirely on its own.

    I think it's basically about making prog that's as dissonant and hellish as possible, so definitely can apply to metal acts.
  • actually while I'm here;

    a dude who I work alongside and am pretty cool with plays in a metalcore band. I'm not really a fan of their stuff but what do you guys who are more metal than I am think?

    they're kinda blowing up.
  • Zu is the one band in that genre that I know I’m a fan of
  • I'm not into most djenty metalcore, but that track sounds like it could take off for fans of that style.
  • I've heard that same breakdown a million times, though

    Djentdjent djent djent dje-dje-djent djent dissonannnnnt chord

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    @Robby you might like this, although I'm not entirely sure this is the same subgenre:

  • yeah i'd imagine their sound wouldn't seem too novel to those in the know.

    also is this how all metalcore is produced? sounds so sanitised and lifeless... >_>

    I'm just ripping on my friends band, oh well.
  • @yama my comment about Zu was in response to TTK's first comment about brutal prog, he just happened to post the one about metalcore at the same time
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    ohhhh, that makes more sense. I'm a moron sometimes.
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    @TTK From what I've heard, most modern metalcore is produced like that. I prefer the production on classic Converge and Dillinger.
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    Misery Signals, ERRA, and Protest The Hero are a few metalcore bands that I think make good stuff, though.
  • just avoid Killswitch Engage like the fucking plague, jesus
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    Someone who know more about metalcore than I do, please correct me if I said anything you disagree with.
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    Anyways, Diocletian put out a new track! New album out in August!!
  • Another Disentomb track, new album July 12

  • Someone on rym recommended Diocletian a while back and I didn’t know who they were. They’re like war metal right?
  • yeah, they're war metal
  • This band Ceremony of Silence's debut album has a pretty interesting take on dissonant metal
  • @ManateeMaster have you heard the new Triumvir Foul album yet? I think it's their best effort to date, and the noisy outros were a really nice touch.
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    Interview with Deathspell Omega
    I know their singer has ties to the NSBM scene, so if you want me to delete this post because of that, I will.
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    well, now it's a "call and response".
    Rhetorical Q: will the lack of a response to the above call-to-action imply an agreement of?
  • @yama what does one get out of the article?
  • @demikat
    1. Given the period and laid-back nature of the forum, I don't think lack of response should necessarily imply an agreement of. I also wouldn't ever post a link that interview on a more heavily visited forum, as it could send the wrong message.
    2. Although DsO are thematically sophisticated and intricate, drawing conceptual inspiration from a variety of works, the most interesting aspect of the article is related to their thought process behind the recording and execution of the music. The transition from digital to analog, which happens to align with their conceptual transition from the theological to the material (or, from the noumenal to the phenomenal) is interesting to me. I also find it incredibly impressive that, if the DsO "collective" being interviewed are to be believed, none of the drums except for the A side of Infernal Battles utilized a drum machine! Their drummer is incredibly precise and technically gifted.
  • If the hubbub about the vocalist for DsO being a NSBM dipshit is true, that's pretty shitty. (Still gonna listen to them and their new album tbh, but I certainly won't be throwing a red cent their way.)
  • @Robby If the hubbub is true, do you think I should I have still posted the article?
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