• i can't even explain what these low growls are doing to me
  • yeah that photo is from that site with all his art on it.
  • (I think we're the ones that discovered that, actually)
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    impressive. sounds like someone dumping a concoction of mud and bones into an industrial grade fan
  • i can imagine this is what being inside a doritos factory sounds like
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    ive actually heard this band before in the exmilitary days. it was obv too rediculous to make a lasting impression
  • sometimes i need something this one dimensionally insane in my life
  • Revenge is so fucking good and the new album is def one of their best. They pretty much always follow the same formula, but they've really stepped up everything with this and their last record.
  • Mobilization Rites was a really great track. I always assumed war metal was super cheesy viking crap but apparently it's legit if this album's anything to go by
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    Would also recommend Teitanblood if you want more war metal. I'm not a big fan of the genre, though. Most of it sounds like brutal wankery to me.
  • Robby is this band Horrendous any good, just read Pitchfork's review of Anareta
  • im not robby but they are a good band, to see live at least. very passionate guitar playing with the sway of 80s power ballads.
  • Alright gonna check this out then.
  • i've never heard of em, i'll check it out
  • Listening to a lot of Charnel Passages and the Anareta.
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    +1 Charnel Passages.

    Also liking the new Cryptopsy EP, The Book of Suffering. Heavier than a lot of their recent stuff, and I've been constantly impressed with how disturbing their lyrics are.
  • i still havent really gotten over their deathcore album so i never gave their comeback stuff a chance. none so vile is a classic tho
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    I've only recently gotten into them. I'm jumping around their discography a lot, so I haven't hit their deathcore album yet. none so vile is pretty amazing, but i don't get how much praise the vocals get. i can't hear words, like at all, just grunts. the variation in vocal styles is pretty impressive and effective, but there's still a slight disconnect for me when I can't detect words being said at all.

    The musicianship is where that album really shines, though, and the section in Crown of Horns at 3:10 or so is one of most crushing things I've ever heard.
  • I went through RYM's top 2015 albums and I couldn't believe how many metal albums were in the top 100 I'd never heard of so I made a list of ones to check and it's massive.
  • None So Vile has been on constant repeat for the past few days. It's great! Their first, Blasphemy Made Flesh, is also pretty great.
  • the metal albums in the top 100 (that i've heard) that i can cosign are Panopticon, Leviathan, Misþyrming, Napalm Death, and some of Mgla
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    It's too bad exercises in futility runs long because it could've been an instant classic. I probably like it more than Robbie does, and it's an album I enjoy coming back to despite its flaws.

    I'm sad Imperial Triumphant didn't crack the top 100 on rym, it deserves so much more attention. Easily my metal album of the year.

    a few more bands to add to Robbie's list (all of which I also fully endorse): Cruciamentum, Krallice, Ad Nauseam, Sulphur Aeon.
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    Just discovered this band on Profound Lore, some slightly psychedelic black metal with saxophone on a couple tracks. This album is awesome. Band is called A.M.S.G., which is an acronym for some satanic nonsense

  • I'm at least 90% certain @ocaml has posted this band before
  • yeah that album is sweet
  • Yeah it is. I think they released an e.p. this year as well.
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    This EP ain't bad.

    I'm not overly thrilled with that A.M.S.G. record, but it might grow on me. I have trouble listening to this kind of production (lo-fi?) for extended periods of time.
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