• Pitchfork just BNT’d this song...what

  • Hahaha Robby beat you to it, my friend

  • The writer who gave it bnt (Sam Sodomsky) also did that Darkthrone review last month.

  • Feel a little bad that I’m missing this band play with Immolation tonight but eh I’ve seen both at least a couple times before

  • Neither did I! Their last album had some really cool, melodic riffs in there, excited to hear what they come up with next.

  • New Teitanblood came out yesterday!

  • Loving this balance of death metal and war metal on the new Teitanblood. This new album is their most dynamic yet!

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    The new Sunn o))) album is on Spotify but the first and last tracks are exactly the same. The real "Frost (C)" was replaced by the last track "Ascension (A)" by mistake. It looks like the Bandcamp version does not have this problem.

    I mention this because these two tracks have basically the same length so it's easy to miss.

    UPDATE: This has been fixed.

  • The new Alcest album has a few sections that sound like a Tool song.

  • idk i'm probably reaching but L'lle des Morts at 2:45 is what i'm thinking of

  • EXACO III sounds like the Eyes Wide Shut piano theme

  • I'm not sure where I stand on the new Liturgy album. There are parts of it that I think are great (particularly Pasaqalia), but I'm not sold on the production or the structure. It's avant-garde and, dare I say it, pretentious in a way that doesn't do it for me.

    Definitely going to need more listens.

  • I dunno I don’t think it’s even close to being as pretentious as The Ark Work

  • Oh I forgot to mention that this is my first Liturgy album.

  • Oh well in that case I understand. This band is certainly guilty of pretension.

  • I do admire their ambition! I like bands that seek to go further in their aesthetics (no pun intended) than the run-of-the-mill violence, gore, sci-fi, misanthropy and blasphemy we normally get.

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    Finally someone made an Animals as Leaders-type prog album that is tasteful and doesn't faff about

  • Looks like melon agrees with you Robby!

  • Haqq fraud

  • Well as cool as it is that he gave it a glowing review his perspective on black metal this decade is pretty shitty. There have been plenty of great, forward thinking black metal this decade, yet he acts like Liturgy is the only band pushing the envelope. He just strikes me as a dude that doesn’t pay much attention to metal yet feels he can make these kinds of big sweeping declarations on the state of the genre when he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • I agree with him however that the lack of appreciation for Liturgy as a whole is very disappointing, but he views HHH in this weirdly romantic light that I don’t understand at all.

  • (My last comment was directed, somewhat jokingly, to antfant, not you Robby)

  • music crit always gotta build some faustian complex around the artist

  • Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Just talk about why the music fucks, leave the stupid charts out of it.

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