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    I'm really surprised by how good the new Mesarthim album is. I don't normally love their stuff, but something about the new album stuck with me.

  • Not a full length, just an EP, possibly created to fulfill the contract terms with their label...? Not sure, but I think a full length is still forthcoming from these guys.

  • Still stoked, been too long since we heard from those guys.

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    Looks like Prosthetic Records aren't paying them for this EP, and aren't really communicating with them. Not sure what the whole story is, but that might be a clue as to why we haven't seen any releases from them in a while.

  • totally checking it out - thanks for the tag - i would have missed it.

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    I finally got around to the new Allegaeon record, it's like the inverse of Archspire -- melodeath with a technicality thrown in for good measure, like seasoning. Archspire is techdeath with some melodic riffs thrown in for a bit of spice.

    I like both approaches! I don't get the Archspire hate, they're fun! Nothing revolutionary or all that clever, but metal can be hyperfast fun and still be good!

  • ACxDC? I thought this was AC/DC at first, that would be wild to see them at a death metal festival. Apparently they're a hardcore band.

    Maryland deathfest lineup looks killer, wish I was near that area.

  • ACxDC are a fairly notorious southern california powerviolence band, seen em live numerous times. Their three-way split with Sex Prisoner and Magnum Force is their best work.

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    did you know there's a grindcore album from last year with a rap song?

  • Yeah I meant to listen to that album, it’s the guitarist for Gridlink.

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    Yep, it's one of my favorite grindcore releases of last year, pretty much on par with No One Knows What The Dead Think for me.

    My only real complaint is the flow of the album feels more like a compilation than an album.

  • Dats some good shit mane

  • Revisiting Suffocation's self-titled album, and I forgot how amazing these drums sound. Mike Smith sounds like a fucking planet smasher on this thing!!

  • I listened to Pierced From Within the other day and that shit is amazing, still holds up

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    @ManateeMaster Definitely, that album is phenomenal. Along with Effigy of the Forgotten, they are some of the greatest death metal albums of all time.

    I didn't mean to say that their self-titled is anywhere near the quality of Pierced and Effigy. I just think it gets an undue amount of criticism, especially compared to their later albums, which I'm disappointed with.

    EDIT: WAIT Bedlam is really good too, I just don't like Blood Oath or their latest one all that much.

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    I kind of liked the new Code Orange first single, but this new one is way better

  • Started listening to Thy Catafalque today, I haven't heard them before. Their album Rengeteg is great so far!

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    I thought this song was an amazing journey:

    And the closer of the album is also great, reminds me of Dissection:

  • That album is definitely on my to-listen list

  • @yama, i'm a poser but im coming to visit.

    i heard this song recently and thought of this thread.

  • Looking forward to new Carcass

    @demikat pfff any metalhead that says you're a poser for liking metalcore isn't worth listening to

  • I doubt it’ll happen but I’d love to see Carcass put out another album in the style of Necroticism. That’s always been their best record to me even though Heartwork seems to be far more acclaimed.

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