• that's some prime shit right there
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    ^^ that thing slays
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    turns out groms is a christian metal band. groms stands for god rules over my soul and most of the lyrics are bible verses. i'm okay with that, some of the stuff is in the bible is metal af.
  • everyone knows that the best comedy of 2015 is Black Messiah anyway
  • What's good with trash and sludge these days? Tired of all this doom and gloom, I was some high energy aggression.
  • Sludge is doom and gloom...
  • Isn't mastodon sludge?
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    I can't wait for Vektor and Meshuggah to release new stuff, although koloss was a bit of a letdown for me.
  • If you haven't heard Chaosphere by Meshuggah, check it out. It's one of my favorite thrash albums.

  • its fantastic but as much as i hate to be genre nazi that is not thrash
  • proto-djent metalcore
  • Don't genres fail at their intended purpose if I can't say " I like this, give me more of this" and we start to exclude things because they aren't pure enough? Meshuggah might not be proper thrash, but they wear their thrash influences proudly and any fan of thrash would probably enjoy them.

    Meshuggah rules. I'm not stranger to moderately obscure metal either, but I don't follow it as much as I used to. Most of my metal friends are into lots off proggy and tech death stuff, I want something with more raw aggression. The appeal of black and doom (generally speaking, this isn't always true) is kind of lost of me for the most part, which seems to populate most of this thread.

    Gimme something new, angry and a bit weird.
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    @Ocaml lol

    I'd say their early stuff (before Nothing), although not straight-up thrash, could be categorized as Technical Thrash Metal or some such nonsense fringe-thrash genre.
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    @Mars Something like this? EPILEPSY WARNING

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    Not thrash, but it's some pretty great black metal + neofolk.

  • finally checking out teitanblood. damn this track is like a lot of tracks all bangers.

  • the psychedelia is on point
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    I'd say this is the first great metal release of the year:

  • mr potato is cheesing all over the comments.
  • Uuuuunnnnhhhhhhh
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    As our EP ‘Pleiades’ Dust’ consists out of a single long narrative composition, it was not written with the intention of being edited in segments. As the storyline proceeds in chapters though, I was able to isolate this part called ‘Wandering Times’ which will give the listener a good idea of the composition aesthetics which are present throughout the whole piece. The lyrics tell the story of the ‘House of Wisdom’, which is referring to a library that was based in Baghdad sometime between the 8th and the 13th century. There much of the intellectual activity of the Middle Age took place while Europe was stuck in the Dark ages after the fall of Rome. Many scientific discoveries were made at the time such as algebra, optics, astronomy, and many more… Without the translation movement that brought this library to life, we would have never had the Renaissance that we know. It is a story about curiosity, beautiful minds and sadly, about how man destroys great discoveries and achievements.
  • gggrrrrrrrrr

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    did you guys hear the new Artificial Brain track?

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