• Ulcerate just needs to drop this year and we'll have tech death heaven like we got in 2013
  • Man, it doesn't drop till May :(
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    really awesome local death doom
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    Brutal death with an orchestra flavor thrown in. My excitement for this is only seconded by new gorguts.
  • a lot of my death metal friends go apeshit for that band, should check em out at some point
  • Exodromus is almost perfect as far as brutal death albums go, I'd say.
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    My throat hurts whenever i hear this vocalist scream, those clean vocals at the end were pretty great.

  • New Wormed leaked
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    Listening now :D
    Let me know if you want this assplanted (192 CBR)

    edit: calling it right now, it's better than exodromus :((
  • @yama you ever listen to a band called Fractal Generator, they're fucking amazing. A very strange death metal band. Experimental and electronic, a little tech-y.
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    Heard of them, haven't heard them. I'll check them out.

    If i could describe krighsu in a word, it would be
  • finally the deviant art x bandcamp collab I've been waiting for.

    (the album costs $999.69 and all the songs are about Sonic the Hedgehog fucking woodland creatures)
  • All that for less than a grand!?

    I'm in.
  • glad to see even under the conde nast reign they're still pulling the 8.4 no bnm for metal albums
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    the bass on this track
  • new Sumac is heavy as fuck
  • new phobocosm, kinda reminds me of immolation but with more lament.

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    Been spinning the Panopticon trilogy constantly for the last week or so. Where can I go from here guys? Lookin' at you @boobert & @yama
  • all ive heard is the trilogy actually, but a lot of his splits are apparently just as great
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    @Benneh are you just looking for more panopticon, or more good black metal in general? if it's the latter, you might like Portal of I, but its clean production turns a lot of black metal fans off. this and that are also good.
  • Thanks man, a bit of both... black metal in general but more modern stuff in a similar vein to panopticon.
  • I should try more Ne Obliviscaris, not a huge fan of their recording style but their arrangements are undeniably impressive
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    Cleanly produced metal was what I was first exposed to (see Blackwater Park), so it's something I enjoy quite a bit, but I understand why it's offputting for some.
  • doesn't fit the panopticon request, but i feel i should share this here. brutal death with insane vocals.
  • i'm getting some Meshuggah vibes from that Sumac track @Boobert. i'm sold on checking out the new album.
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    i still like cavernous death metal. oh wait this isn't controversial opinions thread
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