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  • Wrestling is pretty cool you guys
  • wrestling is kinda like anco when u think about it.
  • WWE should probably hire this lady just to do Nakamura's entrance music. They can afford a full time violinist right?
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    while I'm wasting your time with my wrestling nonsense, this was pretty fucking impressive. Cage is such a fucking beast.
  • Chyna died and I'm sad.
  • I remember seeing her on one of those VH1 celebrity rehab shows and other reality shows. She had some substance abuse problems, and I think OD in the past as well, so when I saw the news, that's what immediately came to mind. After just reading on her, she's multi-lingual, a peace corps member, breakthrough female member of the wwe, I didn't know she was all these things. But mann she battled a lot of demons in her life. RIP

    what's the deal with pro wrestlers having this history of dying early
  • it's a hard life and a lot of people turn to drugs to cope, not that I know it's what happened in her case.

    I'm finding all the death surrounding wrestling to be the most difficult thing about being a fan of it. These people are often going to die younger than ordinary folks and it's the worst.
  • Oh look Ric Flair's lost his goddamn mind
  • I cannot make out what he said
  • He told Nattie to "kill yourself"
  • Haha! I just think he gives no fucks.
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    Yeah WWE is very afraid of letting him go off script. His HOF introduction of Sting this year was an incoherent mess that made it sound like he was inducting himself for the 3rd time. I don't know if he's drunk or if he's taken too many chair shots, but it's been a problem with him for awhile.

    Luckily for him this was Smackdown and it'll be edited out of the broadcast. This is why Nattie says "memo to Kevin", which is in reference to Kevin Dunn (head of all WWE production).
  • I personally thought it was hilarious. But I guess kids are watching
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    Yeah in 98 that wouldn't have been one of the 20 most objectionable things on an average episode of Raw.

    These days with the whole publicly traded thing and it being a PG show? Yeah no way lol.
  • Man wrestling was dope when it felt like it was made for grown ups. I can't get down with the new product though. I've tried but I just don't enjoy it. Tis a shame.
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    I don't really care about the content being edgy. NXT is a PG show and the stories are booking are good. You can create a good wrestling show without pimps, porn stars, and bra & panties matches. Creating adult content doesn't mean blood and sex exclusively (Lucha Underground has plenty of that anyway).

    The real shame about WWE right now is that they've got the most wrestling talent that they've ever had and a creative department that isn't to be trusted.

    That said there's all kinds of rumors about a brand split being announced at Payback on Sunday. So they at least seem kinda aware that adult fans are fed up with the product?

    For what it's worth the show's actually been really good since Wrestlemania. They've got 4 or 5 interesting feuds happening right now.

    It goes in waves though. They always seem to revert back to shit booking and feuds nobody wants.
  • I would really encourage anyone who is a lapsed fan to give NXT or Lucha Underground a try. Those promotions are pretty consistently good and there's only an hour a week to watch.
  • Or just watch this match (warning: graphic violence)
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    Payback predictions:

    United States Championship: Ryback over Kalisto

    Singles Match: Baron Corbin over Dolph Ziggler

    #1 Contenders Tournament for Tag Team Championships Final: The Vaudevillians over Enzo and Big Cass

    Women's Championship: Charlotte over Natalya

    Singles Match: Sami Zayn over Kevin Owens

    Singles Match: Dean Ambrose over Chris Jericho

    Intercontinental Championship: The Miz over Cesaro

    World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns over AJ Styles

    other miscellaneous predictions
    Vince McMahon doesn't choose Stephanie or Shane. One of them will get Smackdown in kayfabe (probably Stephanie). There will eventually be a brand split, but it doesn't happen at Payback and possibly not for a long time.

    Finn Balor debuts and costs AJ Styles the title. AJ vs Bullet Club becomes a longterm feud.

    Bret Hart puts Ric Flair in a sharpshooter

    Owens/Zayn are the match of the night

  • This was fucking terrifying. He's been diagnosed with a concussion but it could have been so much worse.

    You know it's bad when they stop the match that quickly

  • so this was incredible. Lucha Underground continues to have the best stories in wrestling.
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    This NJPW sequence with Will Ospreay and Ricochet seems like a good enough reason to bump this thread. These dudes are pretty good at wrestling it turns out.

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    There's been a colossal shitstorm about this match because Vader apparently thinks it's over coregraphed trash or some dumb shit. It's getting NJPW like actual mainstream press coverage which is kind of insane. When was the last time foreign wrestling was on Yahoo's main page?

    I don't watch a lot of Japanese stuff, but it really was amazing.

  • I can't fucking believe WWE is letting Brock do this. It's also super fascinating... I wonder if Dana will let Vince borrow Rousey or Conor now.
  • Roman Reigns suspended
    photo CADE6D6E-CEFD-4FE9-81E2-F409E1FA33AA.jpg
  • ha! ha! ha! ha! ლ(゚д゚ლ)
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