Some pretty notable hardcore albums released lately, what have you been listening to? New Refused, Counterparts, Defeater, etc have been on my recently listened

also general hardcore thread lesgo


  • I was gonna listen to Refused but then I decided to cut my dick off instead.
  • classic kyle!
  • Klassic Kile
  • No, but really folks, the new Refused sucks.
  • refused are fucking dads amirite
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    really tho it's as bad as i thought

  • do people collectively still consider the new Refused a hardcore record? I've heard a lot of people say it's closer to something in the hard rock genre.
  • The first song is hardcore the rest is pretty alright hard rock. Not a good refused album though. Just go listen to their early albums and get ur dick blown off
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    the most hardcore moments on that album are like barely hardcore

    seriously kyle please listen to the track i posted and tell me if it's more in the hard rock genre
  • Yeah I wasnt too impressed by it. If ur new to refused just skip it and listen to their masterpieces
  • On the flip side the new counterparts album is fuckin awesome.
  • @liamb25 what are Refused's masterpieces in your opinion? 
  • The Shape of Punk to Come and This Just Might Be The Truth
  • oh god that's a refused song?

    I can never listen to this abomination, I refuse.
  • forgetting Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent. I don't really care about the debut
  • Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent is a goddamn masterpiece if I'm being asked. It's like a quarter notch below The Shape of Punk to Come and honestly it might be a little more consistent.
  • any of you guys listen to Orchid? Is anything after Chaos is Me worth checking out?

    Is this a safe place for screamo?
  • I know I've listened to that one and maybe one of the other ones
  • Thanks guys, I'll have to listen when I get off work
  • speaking of screamo when the FUCK is the new Loma Prieta album coming out
  • Orchid is cool but im not too into skramz all that much

    Speaking of screamo tho saosin is making a reunion album and 8th grade me is stoked
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    If you want some good emo-hardcore, definitely check out defeater and counterparts if u havent already (bc srsly they are essentials)

    Also just came across a band called Dependence who are fucking phenominal but so small.

    I have a crazy long list of just emotional hardcore tho its like 90% of the hc i listen to
  • fuck yeah man
  • @Robby I mean October 2nd
    photo 1B0CAC03-0361-4F10-9B94-FE087CB71AE8.png
  • There's no way this lives up to the hype I've given it in my mind and I still want it so badly.
  • I like that they're continuing their trend of not-particularly-great cover art
  • I like that the T is upsidown for no particular reason.
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    i've never heard refused, but i looked up the shape of punk to come on rym and the top review was fucking amazing: http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/refused/the_shape_of_punk_to_come/

    guess i'll have to check out the record now
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