if you live in NYC, come to my band's show on 7/27

hey everybody, nice place we got here now! how are you all?

anyhow, the band i'm in, sunshine faces, is playing in brooklyn at Palisades on july the 27th. if you live in the city, by all means come and hang out! it'll be great, i'll play you some indie rock, we can drink arizona, beautiful. i'll also be in the city for two days pre and post-show, if you guys wanna meet up. 

kiss kiss i love you my babys!


  • Hey if you were posting on this forum in fucking 2010 you could probably post porn and I wouldn't have the heart to ban you.
  • I should really spend a weekend in NYC but amtrak is expensive as fuck and who wants to be on a bus for 8 hours?
  • is brunghi in your band? He fell off the face of the earth and I miss him.
  • ahahahahhahaa I even forgot about that guy
  • I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't have pegged you as someone in an indie rock band. I assumed you'd be making harsh noise or you'd be the guitar player in a black metal band.
  • Damn I'm going to be there the 28th and 29th for training. But I 
  • yeah everyone tells me that. it's actually the project of a friend of mine, I just play bass in the live band
  • wanna say, Sunshine Faces is a great name
  • I've been doing disco mixes lately mostly
  • if you ever do a 16+ gig out here in Cali then hmu and I'll go to that for sure.
  • norcal ofc
  • lol im like 10 blocks from that jawn
  • edited July 2015
    ill try to catch yer set homie
  • are you 21 yet austin? can i buy u booze
  • i'm 19 but also i take meds which make it so i can't drink but thank you anyhow!
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