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the math thread



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    2^74,207,281 -1
    You can call it the Bowie Prime, I suppose.....
  • They found another one? Thanks Euclid.
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    @secondplanet Fuck yeah it is. SO much goodness.
  • Real talk though, Euclid's proof of infinite primes is so simple and elegant for such a crazy result.
  • i love primes. so fundamental yet so intangible
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    i love how ppl were like fuck it a prime number is probably a massive square plus 1
  • hi euclids elements is v nice. i fuck with the definition of a circle:

    a circle is a plane figure contained by one line such that all the straight lines falling upon it from one point among those lying within the figure are equal to one another.

    figure being that which is contained by any boundary or boundaries.

    boundary being an extremity of anything.

    line being breadthless length.

    straight line being a line which lies evenly with the points on itself.

    points being that which has no part.
  • makes me wonder if the concept of the circle preceded its construction


    the circle was already contructed and the conceptualization of the circle is still an undergoing process
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    this quasi-cultest book i have on shapes describes the circle as "the monad, or oneness..." corresponds with 3 principles:
    equal expansion, cycles, and efficient space.

    "the ancient philosophers conceived that the Monad breathes in the void and creates all subsequent numbers (111111111 x 111111111 - 12345678987654321). Numbers only express different qualities of the Monad."
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    Your canine math - this is really strange thing
  • yea - i don't understand math very well. turns out Mr. Whaley was wrong: I WILL have a calucator in the pocket at all times.

    these simple jokes and party tricks are "me" desperately trying to participate in spite of my short comings.
  • and i cover the majority of my short comings with humor.
    mystery solved
  • maths not that important in daily life, I use some tricky shortcuts to calculate tips really fast and people think I'm good at math (I'm not) but I don't think that's ever made me a friend
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    $2 for every $10 you spend is 20% so double the leftmost digit as long as less than 100 (otherwise double the two leftmost I.E if bill is 322 (damn) then the tip should be 64) and round up or down a dollar based on desired outcome
  • I'm surprised more people don't just do that.. it should never take more than two seconds to calculate a tip

    Maybe you already knew that one I dunno how common it is but most people I eat just seem to look at me when it's tip time lol
  • maybe they're just humoring me
  • the relevance of math to ur daily life depends on how you view the world, how much number and logic weaves into thinking and how much thinking is progressed through logical and arithmetic relations. without that the human mind has stolen consciousness and writhes in a solipsistic and dimensionless realm
  • Logic and math are related but not the same thing
  • And the way we teach math in school is not logical. it's based on the memorization of axioms and not the understanding of the logic of those axioms especially at a lower level
  • logic is binary algebra
  • Because the emphasis is on how many mathematical techniques you can learn and not the understanding of why those techniques work in the first place
  • I had the same problem with my CS degree
  • Actual understanding seldom happens in the classroom when it comes to hard sciences, which is exactly why I think it's so hard for so many people. Not because it's beyond comprehension, but because it's taught in a way that actually obfuscates truth instead of illuminating
  • Binary algebra is a useful model for thinking about logic but to imply they are the same thing isn't correct imo. Binary algebra is a mathematical model of something that predates it
  • Incompleteness theorem blah blah blah
  • depends on how strictly you choose to interpret things toon.
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    sure, but it's not "stolen consciousness" to view things as less intrinsically mathematical
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