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Punks Only



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    yea - i don't listen to Bad Religion for the same reasons I don't listen to Green Day or offSpring. They're rock bands. I'm not interested in their music or the culture and style of attitude that swims around them. the rock music I did listen to was more like Alice N'Chains, STP, Pearl Jam etc. So I've never been into Bad Religion. even early Bad Religion was considered punk Rock. punkRock is not my thing in particular.

    I'm in the direction of punk, post punk, art punk, riot grrl, shoegaze, dark wave among various other styles (but i'll focus on those for this thread) And for realz - I am not the sum of this thread. there are a few styles of punk I can't hang with. Definitely punk Rock - I've got 0 chills for punk rock - but also, I haven't been to a backyard punk show in 10yrs, and I wouldn't go to any hardcore punk -gonna make you feel the music even if I have to spit it in your face- shows either. ( i really don't want to be spat on) and I don't mosh pit (not to say tho that mosh pits are solely reserved for punk - cuz i've been to Ozzfest and those beer bloated, dark rocker fuckers loved to throw their bodies at each other).

    Bad Religion is not punk to me - never have been. But they are punk Rock to lots of others - including the radio 8->

    so, you know, this thread is for you too. gush away!
  • what is it that you like about Bad Religion?
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    Can I ask tho - @thewickedalf

    "Alf" as in the puppet? from the TV. show? Live action or Cartoon?
  • punkRock is my "never Jerry"
  • ^^^

    @robby knows lots of metal! in that direction, he's one to ask.
  • @demikat I have been a lot of times trying to find some good stuff, but it was pretty hard at first, just imagine, I was basing my taste according to watchmojo. The thing is I fell in love with ·21 century digital boy" around that time, and when I got more seriously to discover what music do I really like I never stop listening to it.

    So after I found already some good albums, I listened to the whole album where that song is contained, which is "Against the Grain" and yeah, I mean, I don't think they're great, or that the album is great neither, but I liked some of the songs in it. And it's not the same as when I "liked" "Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", I really hate that song now, and I used to listen to it every fucking day, it's just that when you haven't listen to any good music, so your favorite records are those hahaha.

    And my name doesn't come form the puppet, it comes from my name, which is Alfonso xD
  • @demikat but I haven't really liked what you said about punk rock, you obviously know a lot more than me, but to close yourself to a certain genre, idk, it doesn't sound right to me. I mean, I don't really like to use genres, right now I honestly don't know what I like, because I need so much music to discover yet, but as far as I know I like most genres. But whatever, I get what you mean, you don't need to like everything
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    i hope you enjoy the site tho and find all the music stuff you're looking for

    to your tastes and not being as in-the-know as anyone else - bill evans, a jazz pianist, said:

    “I believe that all people are in possession of what might be called a universal musical mind. Any true music speaks with this universal mind to the universal mind in all people. The understanding that results will vary insofar as people have or have not been conditioned to the various styles of music in which the universal mind speak. Consequently often some effort and exposure is necessary in order to understand some of the music coming from a different period or a different culture than that to which the listener has been conditioned. I do not agree that the layman’s opinion is less of a valid judgement of music than that of the professional musician. In fact I would often rely more on the judgement of a sensitive layman than that of a professional since the professional because of his constant involvement with the mechanics of music must fight to preserve the naivety that the layman already possesses.”

    so it's all good.
  • really grown to love The Clash. really fantastic music
  • which album[s] perked you ear first?
  • @demikat

    combat rock - particularly "straight to hell" - drew me in

    and then I'm listening to london calling a lot right now.
  • if you're interested in some complementing music, to stay in or enhance the mood @2pl

    Television Personalities!
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    you know, i was hangingout - i haven't had CDs in so long, it's not that I ever forgot about this band, but I'm in few situations to talk about music in general, not to mention:

    Me FIrst and the Gimme Gimmes
    a mid 90s punk cover band (that eventually dabbled in punk-blend swing and ska* period)
    But if you're looking for solid fucking fun!

    you're gonna fuckin love "Rainbow Connection"
  • thanks for the recs @demikat! I'm liking tv personalities
  • @2pl
    something fast & heavy if you're in the mood
  • definitely in the mood ^^
  • ^^^ wo0o0o ^^^
  • horns!!!!

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