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  • Yeah, it doesn't change how much fun anyone had at that show, which is what they should remember.

    Also: "It's not like some big, dramatic ending-- we've talked about if in five years we'd want to play again we'd do it. It's all just gotten bigger than I planned or wanted."
    James Murphy, 2010
  • I wouldn't care if I saw there supposed "last gig" and then they played again. I'd just be happy I saw them.
  • yeah, unless your life hinged on attending the last LCD Soundsystem concert and telling people of that statement, then I don't know why you'd harbour any resentment.
  • edited January 2016

    Fifth band down= fffffuuuuuuuccckkk


    Holy shit I hope they play more shows and are working on new material, but thats wishful thinking that will probably lead to disappointment.
  • It's not like they ever broke up, they seem to perform a couple of shows a year at least.
    They did one of their Boadrum concerts last year in London according to wiki.

    I think that Yamantaka Eye probably finds a lot more enjoyment out of live performances
  • Then they should do a new album to do a full touring cycle around.
  • it's all well and good to say they should do a thing.

    Dilla should come back from the dead and Radiohead should release a record every two years.

    will it happen, though?
  • why should they tour if they don't want to? i probably wouldn't tour if i was a musician
  • Why should radiohead release an album every two years? Are the landfills too empty?
  • image

    perfectly boring
  • I like how day 3 is Death Grips and a bunch of bands Death Grips fans' don't give a shit about.
  • like deafheaven
  • Sheer Mag? Sellouts lol.
  • wait coachella is in the Angola-Zaire border region
  • i would imagine dumbhagen and darth grits have plenty of crossover

    also does this mean i have to take cos seriously now
  • I'd prefer they didn't announce the end of the band and do a huge show and documentary around it.

    that said... people make mistakes and I'll listen to that record and be excited about it.
  • i totally understand why people feel like that, but i'm personally excited that i will (hopefully) get to see one of my favourite bands live
  • while i cant wait to see them live i wish they would just be forthright about how money-motivated this is
  • I for one demand they come out and admit to being a part of the music industry.
  • This isn't like Refused where their lead singer was writing deranged manifestos about the music industry. LCD Soundsystem sold out Madison Square Garden in their first run, they're not hiding anything from anyone.
  • still, all the qualifiers and the long ass facebook post feel like a slightly desperate attempt to disarm cynics
  • jaycutlerdontcare.gif
  • well of course he has to disarm the cynics

    you've proved that they exist.
  • i feel like they got quite a bit of money from the long goodbye. i dunno, money is definitely a factor but i also think they were (he was) ready to start putting out more music
  • and i'm excited
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