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  • The fact that the same plan is $3 more on Tidal doesn't help either.
  • yeah but people don't really care about money.

    Even the "poor" people have too much. The reason they're poor is cuz they spend it on useless shit.

    Like the poor uni student who always has money to go out, or the poor loweer class family, but always has money to get 3 buckets of KFC on Tuesday.
  • There's a big difference between $9.99 and $12.99 in people's minds.
  • You lost me when you used KFC as an example of expensive food.
  • but that 10 bucks could be saved!
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    does the extra two months of a trial compared to spotify's one free month of premium make any difference, or is it the fact that it's so tightly integrated into the iOS experience?

    spotify gives you one month free and the premium sub is the same price, but you still have to install the spotify app on mobile (desktop can use the web player)
  • it's pretty hard to beat integration with the music app I'm already using. There's no library fracturing that way, everything is in the same place.
  • Spotify could use some work in that respect. To include local files in your library, you have to create a playlist and then manually sync the playlist. It's really cumbersome.
  • I'm loving Apple Music so far, I haven't used Spotify at all since I started my trial. My problem is that Apple Music seems to be charging £9.99 in the UK and $9.99 in the US, so here I'd be paying the equivalent of $5 a month MORE than any American to use the same service. I probably won't care about that price gap once I've got a stable income but as a poor graduate right now I don't think I'll pay for it once my trial ends. 
  • The best way to support the artist is still to buy their albums tho, even if I keep apple music (which is a possibility for all the reasons kyle said) I'm still gonna buy the records I really love n shit
  • This is interesting. I'm skeptical to say the least but more non medication treatments for mental illness sounds like a terrific thing if it works.
  • this guy has good advice

  • Thiojoe is fantastic
  • phew so glad i saw this one in time

  • 16 TB SSDs are now a thing. Hopefully this means large capacity SSDs are on their way to being insanely affordable.
  • new firefox. they changed the green swirly to blue swirly

    This is all great and all but it makes me wish I was 10 years younger. The opportunities for people going into college right now in Buffalo are astounding. It was decidedly more hopeless in 2007.

    I could have worked doing sciencey stuff in Elon Musk's crazy gigafactory!
  • I'm really enjoying iOS9 so far.

    The news app is like seriously incredible.
  • Any of you guys heard of a company called Status audio? I'm kinda really into the idea of a decent pair of unbranded headphones with detachable cables.

    I don't know if I'm extra rough on headphones or something but mine are always shorting out.
  • I guess the other solution is bluetooth but I still don't trust the quality
  • after selling some gift cards on Cardpool the pair only cost me $18. So I just said fuck it and bought both.
  • edited December 2015
    I think I'm done with headphones and will only use ear buds from now on. Every pair I've tried makes my ears hurt after prolonged use.

    Any suggestions on some good ear buds?
  • i've owned sony mdr xb500s (got em when they were <$100, now they're $200+) for a few years now, and they're simply the most comfortable headphones ever. i never noticed them and could wear them for days with zero fatigue

    and earbuds typically make my ears sore after a while
  • earbuds make my ears hurt immeadiately
  • edited December 2015
    The moment I stick something into my ears it's immensely uncomfortable. I can't even wear ear plugs.
  • I finally signed up for Plex.

    I honestly don't know what took me so long. Trying to get media sharing to work on my spider web of a network is a nightmare and by simply relinquishing $5 a month I can stop worrying about it. I wish I did this a long time ago.
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