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  • I'm pretty sure I can do almost everything I need with the free version but I'm so grateful this exists that they can have my money for a little while.
  • Hm. I've known about Plex for a while, but I never thought of it as something I could use for some reason. I'll give it a shot, maybe it will save me the cost of a Chromecast.
  • I finally moved on from uTorrent 2.2.1 and went ahead and installed 3.4.5

    I think I've been using 2.2.1 for over 5 years at this point, but I just couldn't keep it from crashing anymore. I guess my days of an ad-free torrent client are over.
  • i haven't had any crashing problems with 2.2.1 on Win 10, but I don't have more than ~60 torrents loaded in it.
  • yeah I have 2,287 so that might cause some issues.
  • I scrapped uTorrent when they started including a bitcoin miner with each install. Now I use qBitTorrent.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • edited March 2016
    I held onto VLC for way too long.

    Yeah sure it was great a few years ago, but it's become pretty damned inefficient. I switched to PotPlayer and I'm never going back. This is handling 20GB+ video files on my ancient laptop like a champ.

    I have dozens of files that are badly encoded or too much to handle for my cpu in VLC and they all run perfectly now. This shit is a godsend.

    by the same token I reinstalled uTorrent 2.2.1

    it still crashes at least once a day for some damn reason but I love how lightweight it is. They really fucked up with everything past 3.0
  • PotPlayer is so damn good I'm tempted to bust out my awful netbook to see what I can throw at it. In VLC it could only handle mobile encoded files and not perfectly.
  • I'm sorry if nobody cares btw. I get really excited about squeezing more life out of my dying computer.
  • I generally don't have problems with VLC, but I'm always interested to hear about better software. Will check out Pot Player.
  • i use vlc, but i'll keep that one in mind if i encounter any issues
  • today's revelation that makes PotPlayer even more awesome: It actually buffers urls.

    The way VLC does it is pretty insane. If your connection can't handle the bitrate it just doesn't work.

    It also saves playlists after exiting.

    I would honestly say even if you guys don't have any issues with VLC that you should still give this a shot because it's free and a lot more powerful.
  • not being able to double-click to full screen is kind of a deal breaker.
  • you can change that. It's the first thing I did.
  • Looks like Apple is bringing back 4 inch phones.

    I'm quite fond of the size of the 6 honestly. I get the big phone thing now. I'll probably get the plus the next time I upgrade.
  • the 6s is more than enough real estate for me, if i wanted a big screen id just get a tablet
  • I still think the 6+ is too big. Not because of the screen size, but the phone is waaay too wide to be moderately comfortable. Plenty of android phones have the same size screen, but they don't feel anywhere near as chunky.
  • I have small hands so I pretty much have to use the 6 with two hands as it is. I think the trade off is worth it if you play as many games and watch as much video as I do.

    I was pretty reluctant to go all the way from 3.5 to 4.7 but now I'll never go back.
  • I've owned 5.5 inch phones before, like the Oneplus One and the LG G3, and both of those feel much nicer in the hand than a 6+. It's those side bezels, if they shaved those off a bit and made the phone slightly thicker (at least to get rid of that camera bump) that phone would have great hand feel.
  • i think my 5s is the absolute perfect size for a phone.
  • I thought the 4S was perfect until I got a 6. It's amazing how quick you get used to a bigger screen when you're using it every day.
  • I actually switched down from 5.5 Oneplus One to a 4.6 Xperia Z5 Compact because I was sick of the size, I'm glad I have a phone that I can hold in one hand comfortably, but is still big enough for video and web browsing.
  • confirmed

    they're still making those 16GB iPhones huh? At least this thing is relatively affordable without a contract.
  • 16 GB...4 in. screen...$400...ha...ha ha...ha ha ha

    Apple really needs to ditch the starting size of a joke of 16 GB base capacity (with no expandable memory i should add). It should be 32 GB, so it's so annoying they got rid of it. Either you stick with 64 and deal with way more storage space than you need, or you go with 16 and keep deleting for space. I mean c'mon Apple's apps alone take up a lot of space.

    and are they not doing the 7 this year?
  • I mean it's $400 off contract. That's pretty standard. I think it'd be free with a 2 year contract.
  • Oh man I need 64 Im running 74 right now and its starting to get uncomfterble
  • I might have to delete eminem's discography soon do you know how hard that is for me
  • Remember Me has honestly gotten me thru some tough times
  • edited March 2016
    isn't Remember Me that terrible Robert Pattinson movie that ends on a 9/11 twist?
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