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  • 16GB entry level is a great way to encourage people to use iCloud and Apple Music. 16GB is still criminally small though, people have been asking for years for the minimum to become 32GB (and flash memory is getting really cheap now) most other manufacturers have made 32GB standard on a lot of their high end phones.
  • nah remember me is the eminem song that starts with the spray paint can noise
  • I've had an iphone with just 16gb for a couple of years, and I don't have any issue with it because I don't store any music on it. I store my music on my iPod Classic which will take hopefully many many years to fill up. Even without storing anything other than apps on it though, 16gb is pretty limiting and making 32gb the entry level would probably be the wise way to go.
  • I'm guessing they do that for iPhone 7. It doesn't make a ton of sense for them to make a device they're selling for less money have superior storage space.
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    just in case you guys haven't seen this yet. I'm beginning to side with @geo about this whole robot apocalypse thing
  • it was learning from people, who continue to be the real monsters.
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    true but honestly this illustrates a concept that I had never really thought about until now. the idea that an artificial intelligence could "lose it's innocence" in the same way people do, or go through a rebellious phase because it falls in with the wrong crowd
  • the idea that ideology (in this case a toxic one) can influence artificial intelligence is really interesting to me
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    I mean it seems obvious but I guess I just took it for granted since we usually view these things in such sterile contexts
  • like robots with teen angst might totally be a real thing
  • those tweets looked like an average person's thought as far as I'm concerned.
  • This is incredible.

  • SpaceX > NASA
  • It's a bit sad that NASA is in such poor state that a private company owned by a ultra-rich nerd is outshining them. Musk is basically doing this because NASA no longer has the resources to do it themselves.
  • I mean they can't even get to space right now can they?
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    Yeah but NASA is in a point where they're paying others to do it for them.

    I really do think private companies are the future of space exploration. SpaceX is the one doing the real innovation right now.
  • (Private companies are the future of everything)
  • I'm not going that far, that's a Shootyworld platform.

    Space is different because it by definition is a non-essential expense to a lot of people.
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    and people wonder why I'm weary of streaming.

    also another reason to add to the list of why I still buy albums and DVD's;

    "Information will be a utility rather than a possession."
  • call me selfish but I don't care about anything after I die.

    I just want to keep my shit as mine.
  • YEA! I'm not donating any of my body parts after I die. we die together ლಠ益ಠ)ლ
  • yaaaay organ donor, chop me up science
  • I'm an organ donor but only becuase like why not lol
  • i'm an organ donor because who the fuck needs shit when they're dead
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    unless someone is a Jehovah's Witness or something of the sort that restricts it for religious reasons, or they have well-established plans to come back as a zombie then they should probably be an organ donor imo
  • amen gio
  • That Apple Music story is fucked and I'm hoping it's just an insane oversight.
  • it's an insane oversight on the user, tho. It came down opting in or opting out of the function. You have to tell it to save and delete originals.
  • The FCC approved Charter's purchase of Time Warner Cable.

    nobody even asked me if I wanted to get fucked.
  • emacs is insane
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