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    i always thought it was just a text editor like nano or vim but its starting to feel like an incredible intelligent interface to the operating system. i'm finding myself writing code on a really high level via elisp which is what emacs is written in.
  • I've always wanted to try emacs but was too intimidated by it to make the jump.
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    i'm trying to figure out if the buffer is the atomic data structure and that everything you do with emacs is creating mappings between buffers. its def functional af. its all about binding and mapping shit at least this is what ive collected from the last 48 hours a majority of which were spent within emacs.
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    i got handed a lamp server with a drupal site last week that had no versioning installed and had some impossible network security guidelines that limited my access to pretty much everything. i couldn't even tunnel into the database from remote. i had never had this problem before and it dawned on me that this should be the problem, that engineers should be able to take a machine and modify its behaviors without creating dependencies or introducing instabilities. writing completely functional and completely independent code is the ideal and emacs seems to do this rather well.
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    the whole idea of package management is great but fuck if its caused me so many issues in the past. i was trying to get emac's tuareg-mode to work so i could start writing Ocaml modules but opam, the ocaml community package manager, was a nightmare. i eventually got closer and closer to emacs and ended up ditching opam and installed tuareg from within emacs. it kinda blew my mind as to how easy it was.
  • do u know a way to save frame layouts? i've only been able to save the buffers which i have to manually partition into frames every time i load my main file.
  • where are those configurations saved?
  • assuming you're linux fam
  • aight im clonin that. gonna see how it works.
  • I've been watching Mr. Robot and it's great but I want you guys to know that discussion was a close 2nd.
  • How is emacs at javascript development? Is it good at autocomplete?
  • do any of you guys do any Plex server stuff? I've had this insane issue where some files stop working for no reason until I completely restart my computer. Ending the process and opening the program again doesn't work. Doing a full network reset doesn't work either. Resetting my wifi on my laptop also does nothing.

    Sometimes I'll be watching something when it stops playing and an error pops up.

    I'll never understand why a file in the same format in the same folder works perfectly but the thing I want to watch needs my computer to be restarted.
  • Anyone had some experience working in or with Max MSP? I have a project for one of my classes, and we want to voice recognition to trigger samples and generate music based on the words. It's not going to be super complex since I'm the only coder, I'm going to try and use Googles Voice Recognition API to pass in strings to my program, then break up the words and play a bunch of arranged samples at once that correspond to the letters in the words. The other two people are learning Max in order to make a visualiser, but I'm trying to decide what would be the best way for my code to interact with Max.
  • I'm in need for a preamp for my turntable. I'm pretty new to vinyl, so I don't know what to look for in a preamp. I'm stretched pretty thin on money, so I'm looking for one that is less than 100$
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    Hey did you guys know that Opera is kind of awesome now? At some point they starting forking it off of Chromium and as a result it's now one of the snappiest and least resource hogging web browsers out there.
  • I just bought a 5TB Hard Drive because I'm a crazy person and will actually use that much storage.
  • edited May 2016
    @Kyle i believe it. my 2tb is almost full.

    soooo i just got my home ip banned from rym because i was trying to write a web crawler and they detected it. i was only trying to learn how to use scrapy, and being the naive script kiddie i am i didn't realize they'd catch it so fast :( i'm not sure if it was because i didn't use the right USER_AGENT, or if they detected the spider's traversal pattern.


    edit: i guess i actually read the tos before trying this again.
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    I just finished my first major revamp of a project in React (prev. ver was also React, but not very good), and I just want to say that on the whole, React is amazing. If any of you have a chance to work with React, especially you stateless fp folks, do it!
  • I hear good things, I was at an IT Professionals dinner (I'm still a student though) and there was a lot of people speaking highly of it.
  • I don't mean to sound like I've drank any Kool-aid, that it's a silver bullet that will magically solve all of your browser ui problems, but it does a good job of marrying the style of programming known as "functional reactive programming" to the field of making UIs for browsers.
  • Ok, I'll have to check it out. Surprising that Facebook finally made something worthwhile.
  • i mean... they do provide the most comprehensive & arguably best social networking service in the world. but yea in terms of tech tools react is great
  • i'm surprised this hasn't happened yet
  • edited January 2018
    react+mobx+typescript is my jam rn

    anyone else getting into this particular mix of libs? mobx wraps state really nicely in rxjs observables, and makes things much simpler than a lot of alternatives make it (see redux)
  • edited February 2018
    yo web developer users what do you use

    i do drupal graphql redux react but i want a nightlife in something abruptly different. kinda want to try to swap out redux for mobx to see how it do @yama
  • i made a side project in mithril, it was kinda fun
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