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  • vue is the hot trendy thing u pretend u know in job interviews
  • but at work we're pretty old fashioned: SQL with C# on the business layer and web app layer, node for some deployment tasks like gulp, Angular.js, D3, SASS

    we use three.js which was kinda neat a few years ago
  • What ver of angular, toon? I hate 1, but newer ng looks interesting
  • I want to try to make something in elm
  • edited February 2018
    same. i'd be down to collab on a config based form builder. i really want to see how state is done in elm
  • we use angular 1, we make an enterprise solution so it's always gonna be a few years behind the fun stuff
  • edited February 2018
    i like angular 1 tho, i think it works fine for 90% of use cases. its def outdated
  • To me, angular 1 is like php, it's possible to write clean code in it, but it's also really easy to write terrible code in it
  • That's not incorrect but I work for a start up and taking time to write clean code is not a luxury we always have :/
  • That's just the reality, i do my best but there's some garbage in there
  • Oh you need a brand new feature in two weeks or the company will lose a major client? Well fuck me then
  • Haha very true
  • edited February 2018
    god a php codebase can get filthy but i still love it for all the built in utilities it has.
  • i love learning a new language and finding a newfound lack of freedom. elm is doing that to me rn and its error messaging is just guiding me towards what i had set out to do.
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    its v hard to hack with but v conceptual and p much actions and reducers and stores in react redux but without all the contrib overhead
  • Yo forreal cuz I only know like 4 c is really blowing my mind rn
  • i gotta say i thought i'd hate windows command prompt but im kinda digging it. feels like im using a computer in a videogame
  • I like git bash because it's colorful
  • yeah that one is dope.

    the one i find myself on no matter the machine is atom's terminal plus just cuz i can version the config and build it with the IDE

    watchu IDE on malk
  • visual studio, it is what is lol i actually don't mind it besides the fact that it crashes all the time. you?
  • also week whatever with elm and i havent had too much trouble with it. got json decoding and routing from a CMS api working and now imma bout to start fucking with layouts and however it manages styles. docs kinda speak a terse language im not used to but hell that's the functional programming world for you.
  • @toon phpstorm for php cuz of stack traces and atom for js and whatever interop shit im compiling to.
  • also nano nano nano nano when im feeling edgy
  • i briefly journaled my love affair with emacs that became a really unhealthy and draconian relationship resulting in an extreme form of amnesia where i don't really remember any of it.
  • edited March 2018
    it stockholm syndromes u until u just want to forget it ever had macros and a terminal
  • edited March 2018
    you guys arent using templeOS? lol

    fast forward to 4:11 to see what your missing out on
  • damn them hymns bang
  • related culture
  • i feel like everyone on the internet looked like keanu reeves in the 90s
  • That templateOS creator is batshit insane, but also an amazing programmer
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