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food thread

you guys i just made the ~dankest~ BLT. motherfucker had like 6 strips on there. and the "piece of resistance": i mixed some hot sauced into the mayo!

talk about food guys. you need it to live. 


  • Speaking of bacon I bought some bacon jerky last week and it was the shittiest shit that ever shit.
  • didn't eat for the first three hours of the day, but when i did, i had a moe's burrito. mexican food is the fucking best. i didn't discover the deliciousness of the avocado (and by association, guacamole) until last year, and now i can't get enough. a burger is now incomplete without a few slices of avocado 
  • I had a chicken fajita earlier, it was okay. It needed to be hotter because I need the pain.
  • I once had a burger with pickled pears on it and it was amazing.
  • keep fruit the fuck away from my burgers #Shoemaker2015
  • I eat avacado almost every day, it is very good
  • surely avocado is an exception to your platform, kyle! the synergy with the beef is just incredible!
  • when it comes to food, Kyle seems to fulfil every US stereotype I have in my head.

    sorry buddy
  • Everyone is all fancy these days, give me a fucking burger with some fucking ketchup and a slice of American cheese.
  • You guys should really try out a California burrito. It's a carne asada burrito with french fries in it and of course a healthy amount of guacamole. I don't really know if you can get one outside of southern California though so you may have to make your own.
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    i luv dem buffalo wings

    also @TTK best summarizes the way of the kyle, he is the bald eagle of the american diet
  • @HalfScrum i dunno what part of that looks healthy hombre  :@)
  • Oh it definitely isn't, but it's very good. What's even more unhealthy than that though is carne asada fries. It's pretty much a plate-full of fries with carne asada, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. You can get it with chicken and buffalo sauce instead of the beef too.
  • @robby healthy amount is another way of saying a lot
  • It's hyperbole
  • ate some classic chicken flavored maruchan brick ramen this morning but here's the kicker: i put a bit of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sriracha in it. 

    try it before you hate
  • sounds good no hate
  • Ramen doesn't exist in Australia
  • wait what you cant even get like the bricks or cups of ramen?
  • Instant noodles exist, but not ramen.

    At least not in the sense that you're talking about, like stocked in grocery stores.

    I did some googling, and to get ramen here, you have to either go to a restaurant which serves it, or you have to go to an import store which sells food imported from other countries (duh).
  • wow what the hell. is there a law against it or something, because i feel like australia is a pretty big market to overlook. 

    also, youre missing out. extremely cheap and very tasty. 
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    If any of you are ever in the LBC, you need to stop by La Creperie. So good.
  • Long Beach
  • oh gotcha, thanks.
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    Do you even Sublime, bro? *high fives roommate in frat house*
  • limes are good squeezed over tacos
  • My only experience with limes is limeade but limeade is pretty rad
  • yeah limeade is good. mexican tacos with a bit o lime juice also good
  • i put lime juice and jaleponos on the pizza i ate last night
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