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food thread



  • edited August 2015
    well this, for starters.

  • oh god damn. when was that?
  • 2 years ago, I think?
  • Just had a Texas Hot burger and hot dog and oh god that was the best.
  • ate a bag of nuts today
  • do you feel any different?
  • Action Bronson has an amazing cooking show and in comparison to other rap controversies and examples of homophobia and transphobia within the misogynist rap culture the incident is tame. I'm not saying that in defense but rather trying to shed light on the other culprits who get daily passes while people feel the need to bring up this incident every time his name is mentioned and dudes like Waka Flocka and TI who openly spout hate get the okay because they're seemingly held to lower standards.
  • just let me hate a guy. It's okay. We don't all have to love everyone unconditionally. I'm pretty sure that's something Bronson himself preaches.
  • Dude Bronson is a fat emcee who loves wrestling, of course I hold him to a different standard. If he wasn't the worst person of all time he'd be my favorite rapper going.
  • im slowly coming down from a high and realized just how much i ate -- a juicy double bacon cheesebuger and some crispy fried zucchini fries dipped in creamy ranch, washing it all down with a large good ole classic american coke...prior to all this i had noodles already lol now i feel sorta sick
  • I got high last night and ate a pizza and a punnet of strawberries.

    As well as an entire 1.25L bottle of Coke. I dunno what that is in gallons... or whatever the unit of liquid measurement is in the US.
  • I drink a lot of liquids. I often drink a litre of milk a day.
  • you've got guts of steel to down a liter of milk a day. Holy cow, indeed.
  • my brunch - 6 chicken tikka samosa (they're small triangles), garlic bread, 6 fishsticks, and a beer.
  • I made some spicy bean burgers today. tasted great and were pretty easy to consruct!
  • goddamnit - I didn't know that was spam, I just saw "breasts" and clicked.

    I'm such a male.
  • man, i eat so much when i'm high. i think the munchies affect me to an extreme degree--i've had multiple instances where i'm at a friend's, we smoke, and then i'm practically begging to eat something while he just keeps going on unphased. my munchies know no bounds; i will continue to eat even beyond my stomach capacity. i once ate so much that i felt like i was going to die, so i forced myself to vomit and immediately felt a million times better.

    it sucks because if i smoke too often, i will not be hungry without weed. i wish it didn't affect me so strongly :(
  • ^I ate so many cheezits once that i cant eat cheezits anymore
  • Cheezit vomit is the truth though. So much orange.
  • Caviar is fucking expensive holy shit. im tryna get into it tho. i fuckin love caviar damn
  • edited November 2015
    just lookin at pictures of caviar. mmm damn, .
  • We're here posting about food for the people like cheeze-its and you're coming at me with caviar? Get your fish eggs outta my face dawg.
  • shit looks nasty
  • yall nasty
  • whats a cheeze it
  • edited November 2015
    a cheeze it is a small square with a hole in the middle that emits foul gas. they are usually consumed in public places such as trains and buses as a transit snack
  • Cheeeits are life. Fuck Caviar
  • cheez-its are life in that if you have to much of it you can't stand it anymore
  • also its better while high
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