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food thread



  • i love how prehistoric man was a savage gourmet, who conceived thru subconscious brutal experimentation the greatest treasures of the earth and its biology
  • wtf i told subway to make my sandwich a deluxe and i got the same amount of meat as if i ordered a regular one :-L
    the disrespect hmph
  • fuck Jared
  • if you have sex with a pedo are you then pedo by proxy?
  • don't deflate my silly questions.
  • and make it easier to maintain pert, erect posture. Both of these can make your breasts appear bigger and more shapely. Get started working your back and shoulders with the sample exercises below: • Y Raise: Stand with your feet
  • Too easy...
  • that has got to suck for those who's gonna work on the fries station
  • edited April 2016
    it'll suck more for us. i love french fries! all those fucking dirty hands reaching into the fry area. all those people nitpickin over the fries they want with their crusty, nosepickin, ass digging fingers. A FUCKING SNEEZE GUARD!!! fucking No. No to the fucking no.

    i don't eat salad bars, i'm certainly not going to eat some petri dish, hot lamp of an "all you can eat" fry-buffet. it'll be worst than a public pool with children. You can't go into a grocery store without seeing some nasty fucking dude reaching his dirty, "i just scratched my ass before i came in here in my saggy, flithy, construction pants" hand digging in the fresh nuts and candy containers.

    no fucking way.

    Class warfare - i won't have it!
  • so i finally tried Cookie Crisp, or, CoOoOoOoOoOokie Crisp, for the first time in my life: this is shit! It tastes nothing like actual cookies, and it's gross w/milk. What the fuck is this? Ugh I am so disappointed, this whole box is going straight to the trash. The commericals lied to me.
  • hahahahaha! that's wonderful!

    tr34t y0urs3lf

    make a bunch of your own tiny cookie, toss'em in bowl, douse it with milk and dig in!

    With a Spoon!
  • what are your guys' favorite cereals? for sugary sweet stuff i'm a sucker for frosted flakes
  • They just came out with Frosted Flakes with marshmallows.
  • Tony Tigers is my favorite, too.

    "marshmallow" is going too far, though.
  • i can't really hang with frosted ceareals. i'm all about the muesli and granola. probably an age thing, i'm 30 next month :-S
  • I'm older as well and I can hang with either.
  • Im getting older too, but not to the point where I'll enjoy something as yucky as cereal w/ raisins, or anything sugarless

  • Sugary cereal is the best.
  • I fucking love raisin bran.
  • i had the best fucking pasta!!!!!! it was the best fucking pasta i've ever had!!!!

    thin noodles - like a vermicelli or like a linguini fini (but better)
    grilled chicken (it was the fucking best!)
    with a tomato sauce (just enough to make the noodles red - not enough to swim around)
    olive oil

    it was the fucking best!!!!
    i just can't with thick noodles anymore.

    spaghetti #8? get'ta fuck out here
    bowtie? rigatoni? fettuccine? fucking gross. wrong texture. wrong shape.
  • That seems weird to me because pasta and milk seems like an odd combo, but I could believe that it's good.
  • wait - really, @secondplanet? do you cook the noodles first, then put them in milk? do you put them in milk for so long that they get soggy?
  • This is starting to look like milksteak/raw jellybeans territory.
  • edited October 2017
    Favorite simple food combination, go:

    Mac n cheese n hot sauce
  • like meal you can whip up real quick when ur in a bad mood
  • mac n cheese n hot sauce (preferably buffalo) - and if there's some fried chicken around too then that's all there is to life
  • Milk and biscuits.

    I mean you can't really "whip up" biscuits quickly. But every time I visit the store I'll get a pack of biscuits and over about 2 days just munch on them with milk.

    good stuffz. Always get the soft and chewy double choc chip. It's how I keep my figure.
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