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  • i dunno if i did the converge discography yet but im gonna do the converge discography

    Petitioning the Empty Sky - 7/10
    When Forever Comes Crashing - 9.5/10
    Jane Doe - 10/10
    You Fail Me - 9.5/10
    No Heroes - 8.5/10
    Axe to Fall - 9/10
    All We Love We Leave Behind - 8.25/10
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    Those are all really accurate scores except I never understood why Jane Doe is considered their best and not Forever Comes Crashing. I've always thought Jane Doe was a little overrated.
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    i actually am friends with a couple of people that prefer that one too, and You Fail Me. its understandable to me why Jane Doe is the most celebrated hardcore album of the 2000s tho..i mean like listen to it (FUCKING KYLE)

    Comes Crashing has some of their greatest stuff though, it would maybe be a 10 except Ten Cents is one of their worst songs
  • I'll revisit it at some point. New Converge when.
  • i know right.

    i cant think of another band in this genre that has such an awesome winning streak...but on the other hand maybe they could go Kannon on us
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    Hey there needle-droppers!

    Bolivian Circus-Rock band "The Ragdoll Architect" is releasing their debut album next Saturday.

    Here is a single from their album, thought you would find it to be an interesting listen.


    [link removed by admin, please stop]
  • Shut up, the best hardcore album of the 2000s is obviously Mclusky Do Dallas
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    that your band jose?
  • lol jose did you even read the title of this thread
  • No way Jose
  • Mclusky Does Dallas is also great @Kyle
  • say it's the best
  • praise me
  • Mclusky Do Dallas is great but come to your senses this is god tier

  • It's probably like at least 50% as good as this. Which is a good number for a band that isn't Mclusky honestly!

  • I promise I'll listen to Jane Doe some day
  • not today
    probably not tomorrow
    probably not this year
    but some day
  • Jane Doe vs. McLusky Do Dallas is the new Smashing Pumpkins vs. Cake
  • even I've listened to it, man up Kyle.
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    @Robby yeah like there's people that like the Smashing Pumpkins and Mclusky Do Dallas better and the people that are wrong.
  • yeah like speak authoritatively on an album you ain't even heard ya bitch
  • lol I don't even care about this. I'm only engaging because you called me out.
  • Stone Temple Pilots
    Core: 6
    Purple: 7.5
    Tiny Music…Songs from The Vatican Gift Shop: 7
    No. 4: 6
    Shangri La Dee Da: 6.5
    S/T: 5

    Velvet Revolver
    Contraband: 5.5
    Libertad: 4
  • That's accurate
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    Red: 9/10
    Blue: 8/10
    Yellow: 7.5/10
    Green: 6.5/10
  • Is green a mixture of blue and yellow?
  • nah. people are saying Purple is a mix of Red and Blue tho
  • I'm more excited for fuchsia
  • yee teezee

    The Clash (8/10)
    Give 'em Enough Rope (8/10)
    London Calling (9/10)
    Sandinista! (7/10)
    Combat Rock (6/10)

    ...and Cut the Crap doesn't count as Clash album to me.
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