Thread Idea Approval Committee

I have a lot of bad ideas that should probably be filtered by people who aren't insane. Here's one idea I found in my notes on my phone that I assuredly turned into a terrible thread:
3/20/2014, 6:32 PM

Mount Rushmore is boring as fuck, let's make a better one.

1. To have input in this thread you must be a millennial, for the purposes of this thread we'll designate the range as someone born between 1980 and 2000 (this should be pretty much everyone)

2. Any person going on this fictitious Mount Rushmore must have been alive in that same time period (1980-2000), dead people are okay if they fulfill this requirement.

3. Everyone posting in this thread must be entitled and lazy, as well as have a fully formed opinion on bitcoins.

4. We have to resist our natural urge to be ironic, as funny as it would be to have Vin Diesel be included.
Thread proposal: "Thread Idea Approval Committee" -- where members of this forum determine if a questionable idea warrants a thread or not.


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