biggest opinion 180s

things you believed/liked/didn't like at one point that you've completely turned around on

biggest example for me is Discovery. used to think it was dece but now it's even better than Homework for me


  • In Rainbows was shite up until a month or so ago.
    Milo is getting less and less important to me sadly.
    Heroes is quickly rising up the list of my top Bowie albums.

    Star Wars films were my shit for 15 years. They don't hold up being as good in my head. Where's nostalgia when I need it?

    Red onion is the best vegetable thing. Couldn't stand it last week!
  • @Robby I actually thought Discovery was absolutely fucking terrible at one point.
  • granted Alive 2007 is still my favorite
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    I used to think pop was all shit for the uninitiated masses. Now I think it has a lot of potential to be a really powerful art form.
  • I think we can all remember the shootyman I was when I first joined here
  • Well at this point not even all of us, man I've been here too long
  • And you guys have been here so much longer
  • I am the petit bourgeoisie of forum time
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    i've been going for the opinion 1080 lately after landing some pretty steezy 900s on dem bolts
  • but 180s are definitely an atomic trick
  • i'd wager that if humans could do 180s every day we would be a much more interesting species
  • When I was in highschool I REALLY liked the band HURT. Now...uhh...not so much.
  • Also about a year ago I ate mushrooms and capsicum after hating both in my youth. Now I can't get enough of them.
  • I was an alt rock radio kid in high school. Incubus was my favorite band back then. Now, not so much.
  • TPAB

    Something about that mic-drop of a performance made me listen to it again and it really resonated with me this time around, to the point where I’d put it in my top ten of last year should I ever make that list. I can’t come up w/ a good explanation why I felt slightly impartial to it, except maybe I wasn’t in the right mindset to fully get it when it came out?

    Another one but more personal to me is Silver Linings Playbook. That was my #1 the year it came out. I loved/related to it so much. But I distanced myself from it, and now that I'm older and a bit wiser, the last third seriously doesn’t vibe with me anymore. That ending – especially – is total BS, and that’s probably the reason why DOR had a twenty year old take the part? Because an actual grown up woman would mostly likely show resistance in going along with it. Which leads to this: DOR needs to stop making her play these roles that are too old for her because it takes a lot of suspending disbelief. She was definitely too young to understand who she was playing in that.

    Though I would still take SLP over Joy any time. I can write an essay on how all over the place it is, and it really cements DOR's shortcomings when it comes to making non manic characters.
  • Silver Linings Playbook is about as accurate to the lives of mentally ill people as Fifty Shades of Grey is to the lives of BDSM people
  • the whole glorification of mental illness in the american media as "oh they're just quirky" is super fucking annoying. we have this idea that people with mental illness are somehow more complex or deeper but the truth is the real thing isn't fun

    so many hollywood movies the premise is "find someone who has the same problems you do and then you will both be magically cured!"
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    I was annoyed by Waka Flocka Flame when he first got big off of "No Hands" but I listened to Flockaveli a while after it came out (like December 2010) and my opinion changed for the better after the first 3 tracks.

    Also, I don't know what happened, but now everything by Tame Impala sounds to me like it came out of a can for some reason. Really bad. That's been going on for a few months. I've tried to get really high and listen to Lonerism and it doesn't do anything for me anymore, and actually pisses me off a bit.

    I used to hate onions but that has changed a lot. I also hated all American food besides like fried chicken for a while when I was like 10-13 but that has also changed.
  • Flockaveli was one of the albums that helped me get over my ridiculous "hip hop has to be LYRICAL" (whatever i thought "lyrical" entailed at the time) conceits
  • I liked a lot of "non-lyrical" rap before then, I enjoyed Ludacris and Plies and stuff lol so I don't even remember why I didn't like "No Hands" but it might've just been bc it was way overplayed.
  • Flockaveli revitalized / reinforced my enjoyment of hip hop as a whole.

    have you guys seen recent waka interviews? the dudes become like an arch vegan zen master and can pull off an impression of himself back when flockavelli dropped while also being himself which shows that dude must have grown a lot psychologically.
  • i thought king krule's debut album was pretty good in 2013 but now it's so hard to care for it, like my mind would blank out after the first 4-5 songs. and i don't even care to listen to his most recent release too.
  • ^I still really love that release but a lot of people I know do not care for it as much as they used to.

    The 1975 have turned around my opinion of them based on their newest record. I couldn't stand their s/t debut but this one is much more interesting and less insanely pretentious.
  • I thought about listening to that but then I saw it was 74 minutes.

    Who do they think they are the Smashing Pumpkins?
  • That's interesting Max.
    I feel that 6 Feet Beneath the Moon is one of the best albums to come out this decade.

    looooove it
  • Yeah it's really fucking long. A real task for an album that is an acquired taste, not because their sound is weird (it isn't, i don't need to tell you that though) but because the singers personality is so eyeroll-worthy lol. A vast majority of the tracks are really good, the only one I would cut on first listen is Loving Somebody which contains lyrics about "the media selling sex" even though they had a song called Sex on their last album. Case in point. "Paris" is also less great than other tracks.

    Their lyrics on this one really sound like emo revival, which fits really well with the title. Instrumentally every song sounds pretty different, there's 80's pop, funk-rock (think David Bowie's Fame, which is more or less ripped off in the first full length track but nothing is original these days), ambient, shoegaze, and folk. On their last record every song sounded exactly the same to me.
  • gave Reflektor a very thorough listen, paying attn to it 100% and FINALLY, recognize it as a strong piece of work. All the tracks are stellar. why did i not see it before?
    this is easily a top 20 album of the decade; only Funeral beats it

    jk the album's garbage
  • it's also the most garbage
  • i never thought of reflektor as garbage. just way too bloated. could be a pretty good album if the tracklist were as follows:

    1. reflektor
    2. we exist
    3. flashbulb eyes
    4. here comes the night time
    5. here comes the night time ii
    6. awful sound
    7. it's never over
    8. afterlife
    9. supersymmetry

    as you can see, i'm not a fan of the second half of disk 1.
  • I'm not a fan of the first half or second half of disc one or disc two
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