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  • I can't believe the Gobbledy Gooker still shows up on WWE tv
  • I just went to the website to see who is actually still with WWF from the old days and seeing William Regal still on the roster made me smile.
  • He's actually not an active wrestler... he's the general manager in NXT.

    It's really a great role for him. He just comes out, makes proclamations, and leaves.

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    the thing about wwe is that the real company guys basically get jobs backstage for life.

    Dean Malenko, Road Dogg, Pat Patterson, Finlay, Arn Anderson, and Michael Hayes are all full time producers.
  • Whoa, Arn Anderson is still with the company? That's pretty amazing
  • I remember dean malenko was a bad ass wrestler when I used to watch it... shame he was so small.

    I also remember Shane doing some crazy ass shit, surely he'll do some crazy stunt off the cage?!
  • Speaking of Shane doing crazy shit, this just happened in the opening segment of Raw.
  • Still a badass
  • here's the edited down segment
  • everyone's getting in the spirit of Wrestlemania week, you guys.

    photo FE1D5019-BB96-48D3-93E7-64D794E2791F.jpg
  • btw I guess HHH and Roman Reigns is the main event again, so I lied to all of you before.
  • fucking Lucha Underground man, I can't stop reading spoilers and I just saw this gif and now I'm sweating with anticipation.
  • !!!! ooo !!!
  • There's rumblings that Lucha Underground might be on Hulu/Netflix soon and I really hope that happens.

    This is the wrestling show that would appeal to people that don't like wrestling. It more closely resembles a weird r-rated Saturday morning cartoon than Monday Night Raw.
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    this theme is such fucking hot fire. That might have been the best debut ever.
  • i love that he has his front teeth blacked out
  • it's a mouth guard but yeah it looks amazing.

    his entrance at Wrestle Kingdom 9 is even better. His gimmick in Japan was basically that he's a combination of Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson and that he hits people insanely hard.

    I've only seen like a half dozen of his matches so far but he's incredible. He'll definitely be wrestling at Wrestlemania next year instead of Takeover.
  • presented without comment
    photo DBED97DF-E944-408B-BE71-94388EADD83A.jpg
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    Snoop Dogg just said that he and John Cena got high together
  • I. Am. So. Excited.
  • Who you all got in predictions?
    Kalisto over The Ryback
    Total Divas going over Team (extremely) BAD (cos Brie retiring!)
    Dudleyz over Usos
    Strowman or Henry to win the Andre
    The New Day to win
    Styles over Jericho
    Owens to win the ladder
    Sasha to win the three way
    Lesnar over Ambrose
    Shane-O over Taker.
    Trips over Roman
  • I did this before so I won't change them now even if I already got one wrong.

    Ryback over Kalisto
    Total Divas over B.A.D. & Blonde (Brie Bella)
    Dudley Boyz over The Usos
    Cesaro wins the Andre
    New Day over LON
    Styles over Jericho
    Owens over the field
    Sasha over Becky & Charlotte
    Lesnar over Ambrose
    Shane McMahon over Undertaker
    Roman Reigns over Triple H
  • Shane McMahon you goddamn lunatic.
  • welp that was a disappointing show with some great matches. Oh well. On to Raw.
  • So so disappointed. Happy with the result of the ladder match, wouldn't have seen that result coming at all.
    Women's title match was great too.
    Everything else disappointed in one way or another
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    I more or less agree

    I was so afraid Shane was going to die. I felt actual discomfort watching that match.

    and those head shots to Taker with the toolbox...

    The Brock/Ambrose match was such a disappointment... those guys are capable of something a lot more interesting. Why even have it be a street fight if the weapons barely factor into the match?

    Jericho/Styles had their worst match and the booking decision is just baffling. You've got a dude on the cusp of being really over and you do that to him? why Vince why?

    The main event was a decent match, but fuck them for sticking in a direction nobody wants. Turn Roman heel tonight, you assholes.

  • I'm really glad they had the damn sense to gimmick the table Shane was landing on with crash pads. I can't believe they let Foley do that unprotected.
  • I really hope Kevin Owens is alright. That ladder spot was messed up.
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