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  • one of the few gofundme's i may contribute to
  • wow 29k of 30k goal reached in 3 hours
  • Wow they're already at $70k, that's pretty crazy that the internet could end up covering all of their legal fees. I don't even watch them regularly, but this is a pretty important case that affects all Youtubers, so they get $5 from me.
  • did you guys see that the Fine Bros donated $10,000?
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    good for them lol

    edit: sorry, that was really bitchy
  • it turned out well!

  • what the fuck China?
  • calling the law agency FUPA is the greatest thing ever
  • That guy was tricked. When he found out about the ad, he returned the money he got from it and he's getting ready to sue.
  • ehhhhh. i don't think it's a big deal. it's a chinese commercial for chinese people. It's a joke.

    it washed the black off him. It's funny. It's the same joke my granma would say: "I'll knock the black off'em."

    people are allowed to joke.
  • No, it's super fucked up.

    black people in China are often heavily discriminated against. In general there's a lot of discrimination against people with darker skin. I don't think the "cultural context" argument goes very far, both in general and because it's still horrible in context
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    People are allowed to joke, but some jokes just aren't funny
  • why does it have to be defended? it's a joke. Yes, the world over - black people and darker skins have it on the rough side. Not just the idea of american Black, but - a dark complexion is less favorable to a lot of people within their own cultures and social systems. They don't want to be "white" they want to be light. It means, you don't work in a field. it means, you're not a part of labor system.

    It's fucked up - that's the joke. it's fucked up like dead baby jokes, it's fucked up like dumb blonde jokes, it's fucked up.

    "This detergent is so strong, it'll wash the black off you." it's a funny fucked up joke.
  • It's also implying one race to be preferable to another I.e. racism
  • Def not the worst thing in the world imo but uber bad taste and I wouldn't want to be a black person living in China seeing that ad
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    But it's not just that, that's what the girl in the ad is trying to do. It's a "joke" that has lots of racism in it, it's not like it was an accident in the ad
  • It's implying that one race is preferable to date over another . that's why there's sex appeal in this ad. AND WE ALL DO THAT! everyone, everywhere discriminates on who they want to fuck.

    sex appeal is in this ad. and if you wanna talk about dissecting an ad, we can get into it because you're glossing over it to play a hand at being offended.

    you have to read what's there - not what you want to be there.
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    I mean I'm not gonna hold a rally or anything, but the sentiment is like super messed up. I mostly just want to laugh at China for being fucking crazy enough to air something like that.
  • The prejudice in Chinese society goes a lot deeper than a "working the fields" thing, all my friends from China say that their parents have a lot of specific rules about what races they can and can't date for instance and it's taken very seriously. I don't think this ad is particularly innocent

    And regardless, just because something is a joke doesn't mean it's funny. I know people who say some seriously fucked up shit and then if you call them out their response is "it was just a joke!" It's an easy way for people to dodge responsibility for what they say.
  • and i absolutely don't apply the construct of American Racism to other cultures, especially when they haven't committed any of the atrocities white americans/europeans have a history of doing to other cultures.
  • I don't feel like I'm glossing anything over. I hate this concept that people enjoy being offended, I just don't believe that jokes are innocent just because they are jokes
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    I get the perspective of applying the American concept of racism but it's not like everyone from China doesn't think it's fucked up. I first heard about this ad from friends in China

    From what I can tell it's still fucked up in context, I mean I know i don't understand fully what things mean in that context but the evidence seems to indicate that it's not so innocent
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    and so what if a chinese parent wants and teaches their children to date other chinese people. that's not what racism is. there's a fucking line. and i'm not gonna let real, harmful actions and thoughts and behaviors towards other people and cultures be watered down because some outsiders of a culture daydream about how it could be unfair that they might not be allowed to date someone because said someone's parent would prefer them to stay with someone more linked to their cultural values.
  • My Chinese friends are all dating white dudes, that's acceptable to their parents
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    the big no-nos are jews and black people apparently
  • yea - it's fucked up. lots of things are fucked up. this - seems like a waste of breathe. non-malicious, dark humor. like a dead body magically farting and talking in a movie.
  • well - that's life - if you're a jew or a black person - looks like you're not dating any of those asians.

    it would be very weird to put up a stink about it
  • I would like to recind my stance in favor of kyle's
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