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Official Anime/Manga Thread



  • YO YO hakush-yo!! He's sick with it! yay! nice new discovery
  • I might have been too hard and ignorant about it.
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    Thank you, Kyle <3
  • It's a little on the romantic side - but I don't mind =^-^=

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    Morning Grace

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    all the episodes together! you'd like this. it's so fucking absurd and awesome. wait till you get to the baseball player!

    you probably wouldn't like this! =^-^= but the baseball player is funny.
  • I am as excited about this Official music video for Knocks as I was and remain about Interstella 5555

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    Ah yes - my kind of people. all the way down to the t-shirts. And Elfen Lied.

    So excited about Hyper Doll!

  • 헤드윅
    regret and goals
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    that applause at the end. he rocked that fucking crowd - they just didn't know how to handle it.
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    So this is new.

    the voice acting is wonky - like the voices are too separated from the characters.
    it's either the studio mixing it too distinctly from the show's background noise and perhaps a lack of physicality from the voice actors themselves while reading their lines. Cause that's what it sounds like - it sounds like people just reading their lines to the beat.

    cause if your character is running - the voice should sound genuninely out of breathe. If your character is high adrenaline fighting and so on - too much reading and not enough acting from these voice actors. definitely a problem - distracting.
  • took a while it seems for this to pick up steam too.
    this trailer came out years ago.

    looks like the pilot episode went the way of "BladeRunner"s theatrical release with exposition. which is a bit of a shame. all the verbal exposition off the bat - instead of letting the world build in the imagination of the audience first is a red flag. - introduces 3rd person narrator- who is also the voice of the main protagonist...

    so the main protagonist is telling me (the audience) this story, why?

    could say - it's the pilot and you don't know where they're going with it:

    I'd say true and also isn't that a problem too - the show doesn't seem like a mystery box- so i should know its direction enough to stay interested. and

    using the main protagonist voice to also be the 3rd person narrator - means that they would have to address it down the road - who is he giving this exposition to?

    just might add a needless issue to worldbuilding that doesn't need to be there
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    "A Letter to Momo" a slice of life, fantasy, folklore story of a young girl coping with the changing world after her father's death revolving around the incomplete letter she found addressed to her in her father's handwritting.

    What I like most about this movie is the usage of the incomplete story in minor arcs that drives the entire narrative. The incomplete letter from her father drives the story and it acts as a concrete visual of what an incomplete story looks like. However, there are several other incomplete stories, slices of life, through this movie as well with no intended answers ever showing an intended reveal.

    and how much more art imitating life could you get! so many tiny mysteries you may never solve - that may fall to wayside of your life story. But that doesn't mean that the story stops progressing.

    great movie! I love anime!
  • it's the dedication. i fucking love it. ^^^
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    Prison School.

    I'm one episode into the live action - then I'll work my way to the anime. so far it's interesting. I'm watching it for the weird and the satisfaction that the oddity will intensify.

  • Prison School is the best!!!!
  • I've been told about that show before.

    apparently the anime's full of fan service.
  • yea- but better than eroge fan service (which is brief up skirt shots and large clevage.) Prison School actually delivers the fetish!!! both the liveaction and anime stay very true to the fetish service.
  • Whats the cool new thing that angry Anime nerds get angry that people are just now watching? I don't really follow this stuff but every so often I like to check out whats super hot in the world of Anime. I think the last thing was One Punch Man but I'm guessing that's old news now.
  • ^o^ what a question! I'm not sure. I've never been accused to be out-of-date in my anime consumption.

    here's a list of summer titles from 2016 with rating. I'm sure this could help.

    and I'm sure "Prison School" could fall into that category - cause it was a manga first. You can always depend on some otaku somewhere to dismiss your creds cause they read/watched it first.

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    This isn't new - but I get nerdy and angry with Watamote!

    It's an hilarious, cringe anime called "No Matter How I look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular"
    An anime about Watamote Tomoko and she's just a honest, human fucking mess.


    **everyone should watch Watamote!!!! ****
  • She plays dating sim eroge, yandere, and fetish videogames. she wants to be popular but can't get past her social anxiety. I fucking love Watamote!

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    o0o0o0o0o0o0o I had to pause this anime so much and cool my face down from being red. just couldn't take in all the cringe.

    so - before this scene - Watamote has recorded herself responding to the yandere audio clips and now she's listening to its combined conversation. Which is why Watamote's voice is flat on the recorded playback.
  • I just always notice these hardcore otakus getting mad about a certain anime being really popular, so they think it's become some pleb level trash, like Anime hipsters. Stuff like Death Note, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan and One Punch Man come to mind (although of those 4 only DN and OPM I actually liked, the others I hated after a certain point)
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    I'm not above being annoyed and nerdy about anime, tho. I watched Fan Tans anime meme list. i knew he was gonna swirve to the base stuff all plebes know - but if I'm being honest - he brought "princess tutu" into the mix and i nearly tossed my computer.


    Princess Tutu is out of his lane. Out of his league. The heart, the mood, the melonchany, the fucking beauty of it all.


    he got my goad. ^o^

  • So fun that you said that and used the word plebe! i hadn't seen your post till i refreshed my screen.

    yea - but who needs those otakus. some animes really are gateways. I was geninuely surprised when someone told me they watched Cowboy Bebop and didn't immediately start consuming anime afterwards.
  • @mars i feel the same about Sword Art Online and AOT. i was into them both at first, but fell out.

    I had read "Ready Player One" before seeing sword art -so i understood my falling out of interest with that anime to be because of the similarities and my inability to reconcile the appealing differences of each world.

    AOT - ehh. harder to pin point my falling out - too slow in the reveals - too high intensity and stressful to watch.
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