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  • I think Disciples was the only one i heard, it gave me a weird idea of what Currents was gonna be
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    I believe the pre promote of a record has no real effect on the record itself.

    Like I heard all the Tamepala singles, but when they were actually put into context, that's when I felt I really heard them for the first time.
    I mean half of the Chelsea Wolfe record is up on YouTube thanks to her label, I heard most of those tracks before the leak, but now I feel I know the record better because I've heard it in context. Outside, they're just songs.

    Listening to a section of that before hand isn't ruining the experience of the whole thing because it isn't the whole thing, it's merely a part.
  • still i like the experience of going into a record completely blind, it's one of the reasons i don't like trailers too actually
  • i think in general i agree with you nick. after a while the record evens out because you hear the non-single songs enough to get on the same level of familiarity. i'm about at that point with currents.

    however, it's not true that the initial experience will be the same. my first listen of currents was not nearly as exciting as it could have been because i'd already heard a third of the record. a full, fresh album drop is much more satisfying
  • Apple music is apparently streaming it early, I'm guessing there was a leak so they hit the button.
  • (It's not working for me)
  • i got it streaming on my phone
  • It took awhile for it to work, I think the servers are getting hammered.
  • boy i really hope this whole thing isn't this trendy sounding...never thought I'd see the day Dre would embrace the trap trend
  • I dunno dog, The Chronic 2001 sounds exactly like a 1999 hip hop album. Dre's an innovator, but he's not afraid of trends.
  • that's a good point. maybe it'll grow on me but the first beat, at least, is just kinda chaotic. on track 4 currently
  • alright we're in smooth territory now. not mind blowing or anything but it's solid and Dre's experimenting with his flow way more than he usually does. can't wait for the Ice Cube track
  • holy shit it ok! EVERYONE! IT'S OK! 2015 DOCTOR DRE IS STILL OK!
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    2010s golden age of hip hop
  • shit xzibit exists in 2015 guys
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    all these years later and people are still murdering women on doctor dre produced albums
  • snoop dogg has no right spitting a verse this good after his last album wtf
  • his first one right??? jesus christ i've never heard him go that hard
  • Medicine Man is pretty funny hahaha
  • yeah the first one its a whole new style who the fuck comes up with a whole new style at his age
  • @Robby Compton is available to download on Apple music now
  • Kendrick is on this album a lot more than expected. His presence alone is saving some of the more ridiculous stuff on this record.
  • never mind I guess Kendrick just died
  • the middle two thirds are pretty amazing, it's bookended by some poopoo tho
  • it feels a little unfinished honestly... like there are some really weird mixing choices in some sections while other transitions are spot on. it's still pretty good, but i feel like there might have been an even better album here somewhere if it wasn't spread as thin as it is. kinda feels like dre was tryna please everyone
  • Yeah I definitely get that feeling too
  • There's def fan service goin on here
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