P4K Predictions & General Music Criticism Thread



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    Dre will probably be mid next week, It's always seemed to me that Pitchfork avoids the biggest albums on Monday in favor of people checking for it a few days in a row.
  • The fact that Chelsea Wolfe reads like an 8.5 at least. They said it's her best and gave her the same rating as her last album... wat
  • Adjusting for inflation.
  • That's what it deserved to me, I love her sound but her albums are a little monochromatic which doesn't keep me coming back to them
  • Genocide isn't even one of the better tracks imho
  • Compton is pretty mediocre in my opinion.
  • It's pretty good, but probably not as good as this score says

  • That score is ludicris and everybody knkws it
  • I dunno, I like the album... I'm not gonna cry over it maybe getting a point more than I would give it.
  • yeah it's aight. not bnm but i like Compton more than some of the more hyped projects this year (Barter 6, DS2)
  • I'm probably not gonna listen.
    I'm really not interested.
  • no, please, we need you
  • your sarcasm is my cereal, I eat it like wheaty puffs.

  • I actually agree with that score... at first I wasn't sure about it but I've listened to it 5 times since it came out. I think I would've given it the same score but no BNM, but whatever
  • @ttk, I feel you nick, I have it but I have almost zero interest in listening to it. Shit done changed.
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    Can some1 explain the point of declaring you won't listen to an album you obviously weren't gonna be into and wasn't gonna listen to anyway when no one asked? No offense but it comes across really pretentious
  • because fuck all the bands I don't care enough about to try
  • eh whatever everyone's pretentious
  • well obviously it's understandable from you @kyle lol
  • i could see why someone might say they're not interested, but it's a pretty useless comment without justification--there's nothing to talk about. the interaction just goes like:

    A: "i'm not going to listen to this, doesn't interest me"
    B: "okay"

    there's nothing for B to say to that. whereas a simple reason (like "i heard single X and really wasn't wowed, don't think i'll listen unless the rest is different/better" or "i really didn't like the last record, and this sounds like more of the same, so i won't listen to this") is infinitely more useful for the conversation and provides some opportunity for back and forth
  • It's not pretentiousness if my opinion is literally the most important one in the entire world.
  • it's like if you listened to an album and didn't like it, or felt indifferent, shout it out. but im not about to tell people that sun kil moon stinks and i aint listening to his music because what's the point yo
  • I feel like this is a cleaner and better version of what Run the Jewels is
  • Yeah maybe that was a dumb comment actually
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  • @Robby I agree with you, I'm just an asshole.
  • @gnar wait the new Dre? elaborate
  • @gnar wait the new Dre? elaborate
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    I just feel like their isn't much high energy hip-hop produced these days. And the bass lines have a similar wavy, groovy feel. Combined with the very similar political themes I feel like they're close enough to at least make a comparison
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