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  • check out that Jazz Cartier mixtape
  • as far as the dre record... it was everything I wasn't waiting for.
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    I'm gonna have to sit on it a bit longer. I've listened to it about 4 times. It has really elaborate production that is designed to grab your attention right away and I think it's going to sell really well when the movie comes out especially. I honestly had neevr listened to Anderson .Paak before hearing him on this album, but I kinda like the James Brown-esq soulful vocals he provides on All In A Day's Work. Paak is part of Hellfyre Club which is probably my second faorite rap collective right now just behind TDE. I also thought Kendrick's verses were standout moments on the album especially on Darkside/Gone and Deep Water. I liked that he addressed the comments made by Geraldo Rivera's dumb ass and people like him on Darkside/Gone. Like I said I need to listen to the album more to see what kind of longevity the tracks have and the cynical side of me can't help but think the elaborate attention grabbing production was designed to maximize hype and profit in tandem with the movie. I'm just hoping the album proves to have longevity beyond that
  • I think Dre has a way of pushing the artists he works with to deliver better performances and verses, like again with Snoop Dogg
  • Production is lush and detailed yet hard hitting. Love it. The contrast of textures sliding over one another is exactly what I wanna hear from funk influenced production, but still got that hip hop swag.

    As far as the raps though, I found the features outshined Dre. The Chronic's features I found additive to the songs and Dre was able to hold his own, whereas on this, Kendricks technically pointed raps make Dre seem like my grandpa trying to keep his dentures in.

    Regardless, im still listening!

    One way to promote a film.. get a billionaire to drop his first project in how many years? Clever marketing
  • "Kendricks technically pointed raps make Dre seem like my grandpa trying to keep his dentures in." hahahaha that's how I felt when Dre tried to rap over the trap beats
  • another reason why i dont really care about dre being outshined by his features is that he's always been a producer first anyway (it's common knowledge by this point that all his raps are ghostwritten, maybe even on this new one) and of course the production smashes on this thing for the most part (still not a huge fan of "Satisfiction" or "Take About It" beats)
  • Beats wise dre is incredible. Always will respect dre for that. I actually enjoyed the forward thinking mixing of the project as well. Trippy and thin as fuck at times but still cool.

    Absolutely you can hear Kendrick and Eminem behind some of his verses. But that's not a problem for me.. Dre's verses on " the recipe " were totally written by Kendrick but I actually liked Dre on that track more than Kendrick.

    My BIG issue as I've said in the other thread is his higher pitched inflection and flow on a lot of the tracks seems like mimicry and revamping of Pharoah monch's style (a legend in his own right).. I mean I know Dre is Dre and going into this I expect ghostwritten verses, but I don't think I can give him a cop out on his raps just cuz he is who he is.. like he's tryna spit fast with marbles in his mouth.

    Anyway, here we are all buzzing over his album.. he must have still done something right?!
  • would you mind posting some of Pharoah's stuff for comparison?
  • thanks man always looking for dope rappers i miss out on, i can def see the similarities in dre's flow
  • usually not into ignant trap music but damn this made me turn up
  • Damn, that was awesome.
  • I always enjoy a good trap banger every now and then. Been trying to catch up with the 90's listening to Mos Def and NAS. Wu-Tang. I love Vince's new album. Curious about what ya'll think makes Dre's production special? 
  • the name attached to it
  • I mean it depends what era Dre we're talking about... but I think his ability to update his sound and still always sound like Dre is pretty cool
  • Hehe, yeah. I figure the name is a huge part. Having a unique sound is tight too. Just checked that Jazz Cartier mixtape. That is some good shit. 
  • Shooty, he didn't get that name by being a mediocre producer. I though you mentioned you were a fan of Doggystyle on here once. 
  • he basically invented g-funk, whether or not you like his music you have to respect that without him (and his many proteges that owe a lot to him) that basically a quarter of hip hop or more wouldn't exist
  • his influence is monumental 
  • i love rapping over crooning moogs
  • without Dre there is no Tupac, Snoop, Eminem, Kendrick or any of their many proteges and imitators.
  • I would disclude Pac because he never collaborated with Dre until "California Love" and he was already huge by that point
  • I definitely wouldn't consider Pac a protege persay but he definitely owes a lot of his style to g-funk and the gangsta rap precedent that NWA (if not specifically Dre) set
  • I'm sorry i wanted to come back in like 5 minutes after one or two people commented and say i was joking. obviously doctor dre is a titan even the shootyman can not dissagree with that
  • Intense apologies to everyone who reacted
  • what everyones opinions on little simz? she has been gaining a lot of momentum over the past year all and she is putting out her major label debut soon

  • So you're saying we got trolled epicly? damnn
  • excellent b8 m8
  • it wasnt meant to be a troll i was going to right my wrong in like 5 minutes but i got sucked into the second season of rick and morty. if i was trolling i wouldnt appologise dawggzz. i like do like the idea of accidental trolling tho and i havnt done it in awhile and it feels good but mildly painful like cracking your knuckles of scratching an itch too hard
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