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The fine art of tv: Season 2



  • ok, i promise i'm not trolling or exaggerating my ignorance of culture, but

    i had not heard of The Dana Carvey Show until I saw this doc on reddit

    I mean, I know Dana Carvey, SNL, Wayne's World, and I thought Master of Disguise was hilarious when I was 12. His show just slipped past me.
    edited December 2017
    well it's not as bad as not hearing about Outkast. :p

    The Dana Carvey Show was kind of a lost relic, a comedy nerd thing notable because of its cast and crew, and its troubled circumstances.
    I doubt you're the only one here who would have not known about it.

    I also think there was kind of a purposeful attempt at burying it, but since the people that worked on it have started to become more famous and notable, there's more awareness.
    I think the first time I heard about it was either hearing that Fallon auditioned to be on the cast, or Colbert's interview on Stern where he talked about how poorly it did.

  • Do you think it would've survived if they put in a late night slot instead of prime time?
  • not sure at all.

    I assume a later time slot would have worked more.
  • Andrea Arnold is directing the entirety of s2 of Big Little Lies. Guess I gotta overcome my Jean Marc-Valle allergy and watch s1
  • binging black mirror season 4. “hang the dj” was absolutely wonderful, perhaps my favorite episode of the series. “uss callister,” the pilot, was pretty awesome as well, but for entirely different reasons. loving the season.
  • YES!!!! geo! holy fuck "USS Callister" was an amazing episode!
  • I would be thrilled if we could talk about it without spoiler warnings. not being able to talk about stuff in details makes me feel like I'm just a single 1-line advertisement.
  • Maybe a Spoiler Talk thread would be good?
  • watching the Daniel Kaluuya episode in s1 made me even more confident that he should be winning all the lead male acting awards this year
  • Still probably the best episode imo
  • Daniel Kaluuya is such a sneak-up-on-you good actor.
  • probably white christmas for me. but there are so many top-notch eps that it’s tough to decide. the ending of 15 million merits was definitely the best, though - the absolute perfect way to handle “resistance.”

    i’ve cooled on s4 a bit as i’ve watched more, but it’s still really enjoyable.
  • Yea, not bingeing s4. Uss calister was stressful!!! I was up on my feet getting closer and closer to the tv.

    I really think the makeup choice for matt damon was very detailed. It was perfect. The larger face and skull, the pasty pocky skin. True mad scientist villian. There was something just a little off, something unappealing.

    The intertextuality of the science behind the avatars. Ill watch that episode again before i move on to the rest.

    Plus the realist space travel possible for science ficition fantasy nerds! If this episode continued, I absolutely believe that the avatar will make contact with her real-self again.

    That would be so amazing!!!! Id watch or read something of length to continue that adventure
  • wait I have to deal with a fucking Matt Damon episode this season? Jesus christ
  • oh thank god. Jesse Plemmons is vastly superior
  • Oh yeah, Meth Damon
  • matt damon LOL hahaha
  • i adore jesse plemmons. the acting in that episode is top-shelf in general
  • going through the remainder of s3 before this new one and e2 reminded of yet another actor who’s very sneak-up-on-you good — Wyatt Russell
  • wow!! mind blown! "jesse plemmons"
  • i liked russell's performance, but i'll say that "playtest" was one of the weaker episodes of the series - still better than "the waldo moment" and "metalhead" but disappointing in terms of plot (of which there is very little). it's a fun ride, though
  • Waldo moment was such 2edgy4me teenage garbage lol
  • The episodes are very hit or miss imo. The best are incredible but some are really bad
  • I actually liked playtest, least favorite are Waldo moment and nosedive
  • WHAAAA!!! "Nose Dive" was great! we disagree.

    I can't wait to be a "2"
  • edited January 2018
    i'm gonna be the best fuckin "2" out there.

    i agree 'Waldo' Moment was pretty base. 'men against fire'- i'm confused about that ending the most, i think. i don't understand the time frame of events, or why they drop him off at that seemingly abandon house. clearly he continued his mission and had his memories erased (i'm pretty sure that's what we're suppose to take away) but that house is abandoned and junk, but he sees it as beautiful?

    is it his punishment?

    "Hated in the Nation" my top choice before season 4.
  • I just saw “Playtest” for the first time last night and it fuuuuuucked me up. I was not prepared for an episode of Black Mirror to descend into fucked up horror territory, that one really disturbed me and I thought Russell really went for it. Reminded me of mother!, only really in terms of its high level intensity, but I had a very similar gut reaction. Dan Trachtenberg directed this and I actually think it would make a fun double feature with 10 Cloverfield Lane. I really do think it would be a perfect episode if it had (SPOILERS) maintained the ambiguity of the scenario to the very end. The ending is fine but it was the ambiguity of what we’re seeing that thrilled me, the danger of not knowing if what you’re seeing is a product of Cooper’s repressed fears or if SaitoGemu is actually behind all of this. One could make an argument that it’s the former, but I didn’t necessarily want a straight answer. Also Cooper’s cell phone being responsible for a malfunction in the machinery just felt like a disappointing explanation imho. Besides that ending I find this episode pretty riveting.
  • i will rewatch "playtest" and get back to you. it was really scary, great horror - but ultimately felt hollow for me. i disagree big time with moon, though - "nosedive" is one of the better episodes in the series imo.
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