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The YouTube Thread



  • So YouTube's darlings Rhett and Link have decided to change up Good Mythical Morning about a month ago,
    They give four videos every day instead of one, and there seems to be more guest stars and quirky concepts.

    and while this hasn't caused a Fine Bros React-gate like fissure, there has been some drop off in subscriber numbers;
    Check the stats,

    Many people have said that the more videos is a rake in for more cash, and R+L have shot back twice saying that it's just giving the people more content, and being able to explore ideas/games in shorter formats so they don't always have to extend everything out to 10 minute videos. They also say that the shorter videos are more shareable, but they always make sure that the first video in the playlist of four videos (they have a specific order which they go in, like acts of a show) is always in the vein of a regular GMM.
    I also heard (don't know where though, so don't ask me) that YouTube are encouraging this, and are paying them for this additional content, maybe this is for the new YouTube TV streaming service.
    This is the YouTube TV version of Good Mythical Morning.

    I see both sides. I got on the GMM bandwagon when they were two guys in a small studio with a crew of about probably 5 people? The shows were smaller, there was more banter, and it seemed less about the games and more about their personalities and humour.
    Now they have a crew of seemingly 20 or so people, they've been on the Tonight Show at least three times, and have people like Weird Al Yankovic on their show on a weekly basis.
    The shows are always games based around eating nasty shit or doing some weird physical challenge, and yeah that's fine, but now not even Good Mythical Mores are exciting, they're just another game or a quiz or a whatever.
    I don't mean to complain. They're still them at their cores, and I still enjoy their content. I stopped watching regularly before this new fiasco though. Like maybe a year ago i stopped watching regularly.

    They just don't seem to have that personal touch as much. It's really fast, wacky, crazy, and I know they've gotta change shit up to keep it fresh but something feels like it was lost along the way.
  • I generally don’t think it’s a good idea to upload more than once or twice a day. Multiple unnecessary uploads per day clog up your subscription list which I think is what make people unsub. It’s the main reason I don’t subscribe to the Colbert or Conan channels

  • procrastination
  • pretty hilarious.
  • one of my fav. Black Mirror episodes! a discussion.

  • it's really amusing to watch this guy crawl on the floor explaining geometry lol
  • URRRGH! Finally!! I love Richard Ayoade!

  • Ayoade with Fielding is a pretty killer combo. They work really well together.

    also in other news SourceFed's back (kinda)

    the four original hosts of the channel are back doing their own thing. I'm completely on board, depending on the content I might even chip in my own donations.
    Go back and watch the comment commentaries/table talks from 2012/2013 with these guys and just see how much chemistry, banter and fun there is in their interaction.
    There was something special there, and these guys clearly know it.
  • NPR Tiny Desk Winner.

  • fantano will never top this
  • “Go For It” would kindasorta be a decent song if Corey didn’t turn it into brostep for some reason
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