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Random FUCKING Thoughts VIII



  • this img was posted a year ago (or alittle more, really) - i hadn't clicked on the link cuz the uncanny valley Eddie Murphy is repulsive.
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    i ate like 4 slices of pizza and couldn’t keep my eyes open at the art museum. it may have been the renoir christ almighty renoir is vapid. least the barnes bro had the class for some El Greco and a bonnard, a lautrec and a couple modigliani, too much cezanne but i like when he paints from the top right corner to the bottom left and leaves patches of blank canvas like patches of sunlight thru tree branches 7/10 pizza 9/10 art. p decent day after christmas but i feel u @colony. tbh the highs get higher and the lows get lower
  • the highs get so high and the lows get so low and the mental frenzies you in a state of complete disassociation until you start unraveling the ravioli and you find yourself in the breast of beautiful riccota and all is well and beautiful in the light of the day.
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    young man born today
    and flowing symphonies weep
    the pierogi falls.
  • another breath
    perhaps a sigh, a yawn, a word,
    a gust to kill each candle flame, the 28th.
  • Req broke 0.40 :')
  • What is Req?

    Decentralized payment system like PayPal but designed to be currency agnostic and take advantage of Cryptocurrency. Has it's own attached crypto currency which is burned to process fee transactions.

    Still a lot of room to griw, but I bought in at slightly less than 0.10 so I'm happy so far :)
  • happy 2018 from Australia
  • How's the future?
  • he hasn't responded because once it hits 12 minutes past Midnight 2018 - the world desintegrates.
  • what demi said is true

    ... but I also went to sleep.
  • edited January 4

    i wanna be this voice actor some day. i want this to my my line in a cartoon.
  • am I a basic bitch if i got Beats X ear buds for xmas and really fuckin love em?
  • hey you didn't pay too much for them, someone else did!
  • beats actually sound really nice when they're free so basically no
  • i'm so not an audiophile by any means so to me these are pretty high end
  • they're great headphones, but are kind of overpriced
  • I imagine so, actually never asked my ma (who got em for me) how much they were
  • couldn't find the comedy/stand up thread, but I've been watching some stand up vids this morning and this Dina Hashem character is really winning me over.
    She's got deadpan down to a science and it's amazing;

  • edited January 4
    Everyone who's about to get a ton of snow and wind, stay safe out there
  • is it just me or have all of secondplanet's posts disappeared?
  • @ttk that is what he wished. i think he'll come back some day.
  • I hope he's ok, he was talking about having a hard time at school
  • he wants his privacy respected. if you have concerns about it, send me a PM.
  • I can respect his privacy, I just want him to be okay.
  • edited January 6
    OH! here's a great question!

    What's a favorite spoken line in a movie that should have or could have been a straight up comedy line, but the movie it was used for was dark and sinnester or really just totally not a comedy.

    I really like:
    "I drink your milkshake. I drink it up." sometimes i walk around my apartment saying it to the cats and then denying them food - then laughing manically as I put the food down.

    it's hilarious.
  • i usually do werner herzogs retelling of the final scene in Unforgiven from Julian Donkey Boy whenever i have to listen to a bad poem
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