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Random FUCKING Thoughts VIII



  • also when i’m at my desk arranging folders on my desktop sometimes i’ll mutter, am i hyper sensitive?
  • i have now watched that clip a few times and I love it.

    "natural in the mountains"
    fuckin love it!
  • I hope someone from Radiohead speaks out against the whole suing thing.

    It doesn't seem like them at all, especially since they've worked with electronics and samplers before. Doesn't make sense that they go after someone using a chord progression just for a verse in a song (that they were sued for as well, ironically)
  • Yeah this is ridiculous, especially since the Lana song wasn't even a hit. These lawsuits over tiny similarities to other songs are starting to get out of hand
  • i wonder if radiohead is having money issues.
  • I would sincerely doubt it.
    They're still touring from their last record.
  • edited January 9
    idk if a band touring means that they have money, tho.

    touring could mean, they're paying off debts with the money they make.
    edited January 9
    but they're pulling tens of thousands of people per show, though

    Like, are the indebted to the mafia?

    I feel that the label is suing, the guys haven't gotten together and said "yeah let's take this Del Ray characters down"
  • del ray forces should strike first
  • thom yorke has weaknesses
  • edited January 10
    wait did this turn into a war?

  • rumors have it that the del rey forces are going to mobilize all of their americanas into the northern border near best new music apparently this silhouette is a poppy directed towards thom yorkes polyphemus.
  • not the poppys
  • damn i gotta cop
  • we truly live in the darkest timeline
  • "microsoft, huh? so it's pretty easy to use?"


  • shits bonkers
  • Legit question, how long does it take before Skyrim gets fun? I'm playing for the first time and I'm bored as fuck
  • I have so many questions, do you usually enjoy Elder Scrolls games? Why are you just staying now playing it, been out over five years? Are you using mods? You realize it's the kind of game where you pretty much make your own fun, right? Finally what type of character build are you utilizing?
  • Never played Elder Scrolls before, but I like adventure games.

    Came out for switch so I decided fuck it.


    Sure? But I don't feel that strong of an incentive to explore because everything feels very samey so far. Plus the controls are a bit awkward imo, the whole opening a menu to switch spells for instance.

    I'm using the cat person.
  • Sometimes games take a while to warm up, it's not a dig as much as it's a legit question. The first few hours of some great games are terrible
  • Also is it too much to ask to get a fantasy game where the dialogue doesn't suck and characters talk like they're actual people?
  • edited January 15
    I think playing with mods on a PC makes the otherwise merely good game great. I find it more fun if I get really nerdy and basically create a strict persona beforehand. Like if I'm going to do a sneaky dagger user that's pretty much all I'll utilize other than occasional arrow. No armor either, at least traditional armor.
  • I'll keep that in mind as I play
  • i mean, a few hours? i adored skyrim, logged probably a hundred hours on that thing during winter break in HS (the year it came out). by far one of my favorite games; i felt immersed in its world. the music still brings back wonderful memories. honestly, just exploring the world was a treat
  • you should play Mario Odyssey! you can be a cat-type in that game as well.
  • I loved Mario Odyssey! Although not quite as much as Zelda
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