• That was the loudest fucking thing ever
  • one track into the new YOB and I already know this is gonna be better than their last two albums
  • Wait till you get to the second track, holy shit that’s a banger
  • Yeah I already heard “The Screen” when it came out, it’s great
  • Do you have a true 320 copy? If so, please plant it in my ass. I have a copy that says 320, but I thinks it’s a transcode. Also, the copy I have cuts out in the middle of the last track.
  • Wouldn’t be surprised if mine’s a transcode but from what I see the track lengths are legit, so sure I will when I get home
  • The track lengths match up for mine as well. Maybe the file on the last track is corrupted.
  • Third track is... ehhh. Really not feeling the riff on this one.
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    Riff salad, but in a really good way. The riffs never stop, and they're much more melodic than what you'll hear on most other brutal death metal albums. They also develop the ideas in each song with a lot of efficiency, which I appreciate when listening to this genre. So many bands don't know how to do this and end up making their songs way longer than they need to be (as opposed to, say, doom metal, where the length is justified).

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    this Demilich meme made me laugh

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    The new Tomb Mold rips so hard

  • Gonna check it out soon, got so much to listen to.
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    Trying to get through YOB, but I can't get into it. In Reverie is a repetitive slog, I wish I could like it more.

    I did like The Screen a lot more though, but even that got a little repetitive at the end.

  • I suppose this what I get for listening to so much fucking epileptic metal I can't handle it when it slows down.
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    YOB is right up my alley musically, but I generally prefer their 2000s material to most of their recent stuff. I really like Our Raw Heart and think it’s the best of their three most recent albums in terms of both production and songwriting, but I can definitely see where they can bore people. The riffs are crucial since their songs are definitely repetitive, and at their best their music can really hold me in a trance and then eviscerate me with walls of apocalyptic sound. But if a song doesn’t have a riff you like, well, you’re screwed because you’re gonna get a lot of it. I like “In Reverie” more on second and third listen, but in a lot of ways it’s YOB by the numbers.

    If you have 21 minutes to spare, this is one of their older songs that I think is a great example of YOB’s use of dynamics, more so than a lot of the new album.

  • New Ghost is alright, but Miasma needs an 80s montage so bad. That sax solo!
  • Really excited for the new Drawn and Quartered. New track premiered recently:
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    New imperial triumphant coming next month, July 13
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    Damn, that track was incredible. More brass and choirs please
  • This has instantly become my most anticipated metal release of the year.
  • Still have to get to their last record
  • The new song is something else
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    I should go back to Inceste at some point, but I didn't really care it.

    Abyssal Gods is one of the best metal albums of the decade though.
  • I’m really glad they didn’t follow the direction they were going in with Inceste.
  • new Code Orange. This might become one of my favorite tracks of theirs

  • The ending of that track was so heavy
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    this band is opening for the Code Orange show next week and hoooooly fuck this is awesome

    haven't seen a band do this kind of metalcore justice in a good while
  • How did I miss this???? This is so far the best hardcore/grindcore/powerviolence/whatever I’ve heard all damn year

  • that is some heavy shit
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    and their songs are very queer/trans themed. I fuckin love this band
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