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Random FUCKING Thoughts VIII



  • On the plus side car rental really isn't as expensive as I thought it would be, being 25 is neat
  • Enterpriiiiiiise
  • enterprise allowed me to appreciate long island
  • in other news whiskey bottles look best with green labels. mellow green with darkened gold in fits of liquid yellow from the lights of the ceiling and the red of wood veined surfaces
  • his pan flute sounds like the soul gently polishing the body.
  • Just heard a really loud BOOM, I have no idea what it was. My neighborhood all came out of our houses to see what we could see, didn't see anything. Anyone else hear anything?
  • Yo if I were a professional wrestler my bit would be that I'm a member of congress and my name would be "the legislayer"
  • I don't know what my name would be but I know I'd come out to this:
  • I would pay to see that
  • I'd walk out to a screamo cover of "god bless America" and then rip up a copy of the constitution when I got to the stage
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    And my signature moves would be the "lobby slam" and the "revolving door"
  • hahahahahahaha

  • this is pretty impressive
  • Yeah the neo-nazi nerrative on most stuff is fascinating, especially if you’re actually informed on the history they’re parodying. The theory about the frankfurt school and postmodern philosophy being conspiracies to undermine western civilization is especially interesting, as it’s literally impossible to penetrate most post-structuralist works without already having enough of a love for the western tradition to stomach a massive chunk of it, and Adorno was actually (in a reductive sense) a cultural conservative...
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    Funny how Deleuze who’s easily had as much impact on American academia as Derrida or Focault and is very much central to that wave never comes up
  • edited June 2018
    Probably becuase his favorite authors were proust and kafka and he supported palistine lol
  • I did like ‘71 which was that dude’s previous film
  • i don't know what else to say, this one has me a little shook
  • This and Kate Spade back to back...
  • hey guys I accidentally deleted the welcome thread.

    I don't know if you can get that back or ...

  • is it just me or has the forum been a ghost town lately?
  • It has been. A typical summer dip?
  • as someone who visits every day,

    yeah. and I'm scared ;_;
  • edited June 2018
    I got a new job this morning. It's another programming job at a university for a lot more money than what I make now. I already know most of my coworkers (I worked there when I was a student there) and I get my own office. So so so excited!!!

    @geogadd1 I'm going to make this the start of my positive momentum :D
  • @Robby it’s been pretty slow, yeah. for my part, i’m on a trip through europe (!) so it’s been tough to find time

    @yama congratulations!! that sounds like a wonderful gig. proud of you homie! let us know how it goes.
  • idk if it's inappropriate to post this and if that's the case then delete it, but i really dont have an outlet for this sort of thing so

    i feel pretty fucking miserable right now, the "want to end it all" type of miserable. it's been going on for years now but it's gotten worse recently bc of certain recent events. im not happy. i havent been truly happy (or satisfied i guess) in like 10 years and i have no fucking idea why or how it all started, but ive ignored it for the longest time and idk if i can continue to do so. i feel anxious and tired all the time like i just want to lie down on the floor and sleep for fucking ever. i have no one i can talk to about it so i cant really get help either. i have no one and i trust no one, not even my family bc they most likely wont take it seriously. i feel like im about to snap and one of these days i might do some crazy shit. the thought of that is super scary bc i think i really dont care anymore.
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