2018 hype



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    Robby's sometimes updated 2k18 hypelist:

    hype as fuck:
    SOPHIE - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides
    KEN mode - Loved
    Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth
    Pig Destroyer - Head Cage
    Death Grips - Year of the Snitch
    Thou - Magus
    Birds in Row - We Already Lost the World

    Bongripper - Terminal
    Gorillaz - The Now Now
    Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods

    Anderson Paak
    Loma Prieta
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Flying Lotus
    Danny Brown
    Sunn O)))
    Childish Gambino
    Cult Leader
  • I don't have a full hype list, but I'm really excited for new Drawn and Quartered
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    There’s a new Tomb Mold out Friday
  • Whooo! So excited for that one, I heard they cleaned up the production on this one.
  • Also a Gorephilia and Undergang are coming out with a new split on 5 July

  • Not really sure if I know where they’re going with a lot of this new material. “Black Paint” was good but everything else seems too obtuse for its own good. (Pretty much exactly what I disliked about Niggas on the Moon.)
  • NOTM the best DG album fight me

    new shit been meh imo but ill prolly fuck with it when the album drop
  • The more up their own ass with the bleepity bloopities Death Grips gets, the less interesting I find them.
  • i actually dig the bloopy stuff i dont fuck with the guitars
  • Money Store is still the best man.
  • That’s a bizzare way to spell exmillitary
  • Ooooh new Cult Leader album this year
  • Nas tonight

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    SOPHIE album is stunning. Final track might be the best thing I've heard all year. Fuck this hit me hard.
  • ffffff so excited to listen
  • Where the fuck the Nas album?????
  • Ikr. It’s still not on Apple Music.
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    Love the new SOPHIE album also, btw
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    Faceshopping is unbelievable. I really like the whole thing though.
  • If I recall, Kids See Ghosts didn’t hit streaming services until the afternoon
  • Yeah I’m really glad I didn’t listen to “Faceshopping” when it initially came out, when I put it on it melted my face off.
  • The whole record is great. The only thing I’d heard from Sophie before was that singles compilation album she came out with a couple of years ago, So this record greatly exceeded my expectations it’s really something.
  • robby, you MUST watch the faceshopping video if you haven’t yet. one of the best i’ve ever seen
  • Ok. Where the fuck is the Nas album
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    I think I found a stream rip of the new Nas at 320 cbr. lmk if you wants it
  • Thank y’all, but it’s finally up.
  • God dammit there’s really dumb anti-vaxxer shit on this album.

    On the whole tho, kinda disappointing tbh. Much better than Life is Good (ugh) but maybe the weakest of the GOOD music releases this summer so far.
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