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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • I like the new DJ Dodger Stadium it's a little cheesy but perfect for the summer
  • new James Ferraro EP is a lot like r+7 and G.o.D.,

    but still good. Derivative definitely, but still worth a listen. Much more interesting than his forays into modern classical.
  • I like the new OPN, not his best but I like him exploring this more accessible space without compromising any of what made OPN OPN
  • Also might grow some more on me, rn I already think I like more than GOD probably
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    Check out my band's new music video!


    We're an indie rock band from Toronto. We all played in the high school jazz band with Alex from Badbadnotgood.
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    good for you we don't care about your music lol. Read the rules.
  • RIP Royal Headache. Really dug this band

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    first couple listens of a new Lopatin project is always perplexing, but I can definitely say Age Of is another great one. Is there a single other artist right now so invested in pushing and innovating the art of sound on every new album? Furthermore, is there a single other artist this decade that has had such an absurd winning streak? Legitimately in awe of this guy.
  • lopatin is the warren buffet of meme
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  • It's part black metal, part spiritual, part blues, part gospel
  • i've been paying attention to this group for a very short period of time.

    I will listen to the album.
  • \m/
  • Never heard of em. I’ll check it
  • This is the closing track on the new Busdriver. This album is fucking amazing:

  • really liking the new Neko Case and Snail Mail records.

    But what caught my attention in a huge way has been Neko Case's Blacklisted. I've loved her in New Pornos for like 4 years now, and I consider them to be one of the most consistent indie rock groups ever, but I never checked out her solo work.

    GOOD FUCKING LORD is Blacklisted incredible. Her voice, the production, the way everything feels is so immense, immersive and dark.

    Her voice is so strong and is still so striking. Her new record is great too,
    Curse of the 1-5 Corridor is an amazing song.

  • late to the party but fuck it
  • what a cover
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    RV is the goat kpop group

    that song even got it's own deconstructed video on genius lmao

  • they have amazing prod in general

  • yea love me some RV, some other k-pop i want to shout out real quick for the unintiated:

    both these songs are top tier tracks imo
  • Discovered this on the RYM charts for this year. Freaky and awesome, and objectively the best cover of the year

  • I guess they share a couple members of The Drones who I’ve not listened to. Maybe I should
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