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The Life of Kanye



  • I trust Meaghan Garvey more than Fantano when it comes to reviewing some rap.
  • “sure but everything he says about the content of the album itself is exactly right”

    I could not disagree more but I have neither the time nor energy to litigate everything point by point. Suffice it to say I think his reading of the album is extremely generous, and considering he went out of his way to praise the “without cum” line (which might be the worst thing Kanye’s ever said) let’s just say I think he’s out to lunch when it comes to the trash ass lyrical content of this thing.
  • I will say that I really like the idea of the album he describes in this review. But ye is not that album in my opinion. (Maybe it could’ve been, if he actually spent time working on the lyrics and actually finished the album.)
  • im just sittin here wondering when kanye got so bad at mixing lol
  • first track coulda been legendary if he spent like another hour with it lol
  • The concept itself has infinite potential, but very little of it is realized. Thought I might be like damn. but instead I was reachin for a Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven.
  • Is it as bad (read: amazing) as Angelic 2 The Core?
  • I’m dreading the Kids See Ghost album.
  • meh i'm sick of arguing about this album to everyone, i like it. tbh i wanted to not like it but i did so here we are, i actually think a relatively significant amount of the critical reception is motivated by not wanting to seem like they support him rather than the music
  • it's worth noting that Garvey score is off by less than a point from Fantano
  • anyways i'm done arguing because i'm clearly in the minority here and 1 against 100 is no fun but i feel how i feel and imma stick with it unless i change my mind one day
  • the cum line was pretty funny tbh, not word smithing but it's best than "sweet and sour sauce" or "if i get bleach on my t-shirt, imma look like an asshole"
  • DEHH got it right

  • If I wasn't shinin' so hard, wouldn't be no shade
    Buckwheat ass n***a, it's gon' be otay
    Sorry, but I chose not to be no slave
    young n***a shit, n***a, we don't age

  • i feel like kanye would make some damn good film scores
  • holy shit Kids See Ghost is so much better than ye
  • I really like it
  • Kanye needs to mostly collab with other artists from now on, Push and Cudi bring out the best in him.
  • Damn antman gave ksg a 10/10
  • tbh i don't get it, i like ye more
  • fight me i guess
  • i like the last track of ye but not really feelin most of this music
  • 10/10 is a bit much. But I do think this is the best thing Kanye’s done in a long time
  • Pablo is better imo and Pablo isn't even that great
  • yallr silly for ur pablo views
  • more like the life of pab10
  • More I listen to this the movie I love it tbh. It takes a similar concept as ye but executed it soooo much better, and with more candor and honesty. Production is insane, almost avant-garde. In my mind this is the natural follow up to The Life of Pablo and Yeezus, just taking that experimentation to the next level. And both Cudi and Kanye just sound great here, and I never thought I’d ever be impressed with Kanye’s lyrics again but he really did his work on this one.

    (Also haven’t watched that review yet, just elaborating on why I’m way more enthused about this than ye. Shit, I might even like it more than Daytona.)
  • edited June 2018
    This is the best of the 3 releases so far, but no way is this a 10. It’s good, wish it was longer.
  • It’s not better than Pablo tho
  • I feel like they're two pretty great songs and the rest is just whatever...I also can't stand Kudi's mumbling and some of the black libertarian esque mantras on this thing are completely asinine to me.
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