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  • It’s mine for sure.
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    Tbh some aspects of it kinda grossed me out (well, one aspect in particular), but I should probably see it again after reading up what others have to say about it.
  • That’s the same with The Skin I Live In, which is more overtly horrific obviously.
  • The Skin I Live In is his most entertaining
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    @Dallas I'm not sure if it cured me of my movie funk, but I rewatched The Exorcist and it's still my favorite horror film.
  • What I love about The Exorcist is that it is also a great moral drama on top of being such an influential horror film.
  • My favorite horror movie is probably The Thing
  • Cure and Audition are a tie for me.
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    All great picks.

    Mine favorites are Alien or Silence of the Lambs. Do either count?
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    @Dallas both of those are definitely horror, but they aren't just horror, just as The Exorcist or Rosemarry's Baby isn't just horror. Obviously, Alien is Sci-Fi/Horror, and Silence is a Thriller+Horror, but whether you remember those films as horror depends on which elements resonate with you. I see Alien as a horror film first, sci-fi film second, but I could see why others would say Alien is a Sci-Fi film with Horror elements.
  • @HiResDes Why don't we wait here, see what happens?
  • I agree with that completely. Meanwhile, Aliens is an action movie, sci-fi hybrid.
  • This looks real good

  • I find it really interesting how Guadagnino seems to be intentionally avoiding Argento’s color palette, almost like he’s trying to shy away from the giallo aesthetic. It’s really smart because it seems that with a remake (or homage or whatever) like this there would be a strong temptation to try to ape the original style, so I really like that they seem to be going in a totally different direction with this.
  • Can’t wait.
  • yeah I was just thinking that RB,

    it even looks like a film from the 70's in a weird way, but as you said, without those radical colours.

    that legit gets me pretty hype. I'm intrigued for sure.
  • saw The Matrix and Shawshank Redemption recently.

    Avoided both because of their incredible overrated hype, but my friend wanted to watch them and since I forced Listen Up Phillip and The Babadook on him, I conceded.

    I liked them both more than I expected. The Matrix was pretty standard action sci fi fair with a good chunk of wake up sheeple messaging. Like my friend said that the sequels suck because of they contain a heavy handed amount of the anti establishment stuff, but I thought The Matrix could do pretty well on its own.
    I did think the action scenes were done well and were a precursor to what Keanu would later do in the John Wick series with the amount of actual hand to hand combat which was featured, and the effects still hold up relatively well.

    Shawshank was pretty great. The acting was solid, with some aspects of the film being cheesy like the narration, but how the plot came together at the end was just a great piece of film making, as well as the Brooks scene was effective as well.
    Hell just read TJ's review on Letterboxd, I more or less agree.

    6/10 for the Matrix and 7/10 for Shawshank.
  • “Avoided both because of their incredible overrated hype”

    How do you know something’s overrated if you haven’t seen it?
  • because I'm a douche.
  • The Matrix made it standard, its actually pretty subversive if you think about its take on identity and or gender
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    H E R E D I T A R Y

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    I thought it was an amalgamation of the best elements of The Witch, The Babadook and The Conjuring.

    Also, Toni Collette's performance was astounding.
  • damn good year for domestic drama

    - first reformed
    - hereditary
  • I'm still reeling from it. It's 3AM rn so I can't think at all but it's gave me lots of emotions and feelings and oohhhhh noooooooeeesssss
  • Toni Colette was amazing, but the further away I get from it the less sure I am about it. Like there are about three competing horror movies going on at the same time, and the one they eventually decide on in the final 10 seconds really bugged me. (The last couple lines of dialogue in particular really left a bad taste in my mouth.)

    But there were moments that chilled the hell outta me, and I’m typically hard to scare, so I totally give it credit for that.

    Still like the film overall but I seem to enjoy it less than most. Would probably go with a high 7/10, definitely a well above average horror but I certainly wouldn’t put it up there with The Witch, The Babadook, Get Out, mother! etc.
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    Oh and that Alex Wolff kid felt way out of his league. Waaaay too shrieky.
  • I get the sense that Ari Aster had a ton of ideas for different kinds of horror movies he wanted to make and crammed them into this script, almost as if he were afraid this was the only film he’d ever get to make. I’m open to going back and giving this another look though.
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    I’m closer to Yama, but I hear what you’re saying, Robby. I will say my biggest difference is I actually thought Alex Wolff was great. He’s really empathetic, Collette obvs rules the film, and Ann Dowd was delightfully creepy.
  • imma go see it again. so much shit to put together
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