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Hip Hop



  • yeah that shit was abrasive but the cover alone is enough for me lol
  • Lol what a silly ass video

    Really expensive looking for such a bad song
  • Enjoying the new Phonte

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    definitely the best diss track i’ve ever heard; shit is downright embarrassing for drake. pusha totally destroyed drake’s adidas rollout while assassinating his character. i don’t see how he comes back from this (saving face-wise; commercially drake will of course be fine)
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    I'm kinda on the whole beefs are meant to be as ruthless and petty as possible thing.

    Attack the low hanging fruit, but do it well, and Push totalled Drake. He's got screw your face up bars in there.

    MS ain't funny, but Push used it as ammunition to get to Drake, and if that's not gonna work to provoke him, then nothing will.
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    Listen to Tierra Whack's Whack World it's fantastic, a 15 minute vignette that's probably the best hip-hop album I've heard all year.
  • I dunno how the hell I missed this back when it came out. Black Thought is one of the greatest

  • Holy fucking shit Testing is comically boring
  • Take fifteen minutes listen Whack World
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    Surprised by how well Kids See Ghosts turned out, wow, Kanye is back as a producer out as a rapper. It's definitely more amusing than ye at the least, still not quite good though lol
  • I’m confused, so it’s better than you thought it’d be but still not good?
  • Yeah exactly
  • I see. is Ghost Town pt. 2 any good?
  • I don't even see a part 2 on this, best song is the opener Feel the Love or maybe the title track IMO
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    apple music lists track 4 as “Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)”
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    Huh, I have it as Feel the Love, Cudi Montage, 4th Dimension, Extasy, Reborn, Kids See Ghosts, Devil's Watchin. This leak might be incomplete though. The 4th track is god awful though, chorus makes me think of Kanye's comments on slavery
  • Oh great more democratic plantation bars
  • I had no idea Busdriver had a new album coming out, much less releasing one today. About halfway through and it’s incredible. Easily his best since Temporary Forever. I didn’t expect it to be this good to say the least. Perfect Hair was a step in the right direction, but this feels like a creative rebirth.
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    Loving the jazzy production, Kiss Around the Note sounds like Busdriver rapping over a lost track from Squarepusher’s Music Has Rotted A Note. This is fucking awesome.
  • It’s long. An hour and a half, but I’m on track 13 and so far every track has been great.
  • Black Thought EP is definitely some of the best raps I heard all year
  • listened to whack world, that was pretty cool. Definitely had a lot of personality and had me laughing out loud a couple of times
  • Video added a lot to the whole thing too
  • Whack World is great, been on repeat for the past few days
  • What are yalls favorite instrumental hip hop rekkids? (Other than obvious ones like Donuts and Endtroducing)
  • not completely instrumental but metaphorical music, modal soul, and the samurai champloo soundtrack by nujabes are really really good. also third side of tape (tho i know you already like that), deadringer (by rjd2), and beats by gobby
  • Vanilla - Soft Focus has managed to stick with me for a while,

    Kind of Dilla/Kanye worship with the sample choppage providing the meat of what makes it good,
    but I think the album's longevity is because Vanilla manages to pull a lot of mileage out of his chops.
    They seem to be like full songs rather than just beats.

    and also we gotta talk about how instrumental is "instrumental",
    Like Kid Koala's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, made with numerous samples chopped, scratched and reassembled into a brilliant piece of work. It's definitely not "instrumental" per say.

    Or either of Prefuse 73's first two records. but they have guest spots which provide vocals.
    Moreso on One Word Extinguisher than Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives.

    (also hm to edIT's Crying Over Pros)

    And you could go further by mentioning Onra's Chinoiseries beat tapes, Bonobo's Dial M for Monkey, Double Dee & Steinski's The Lessons, The Avalanches' records, Machinedrum's early work, Lapalux, Bockhead, Hermitude, Nujabes, etc etc.

    those are what spring to mind though.
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    Ohhh, those early Machinedrum records are sweet.
  • Thanks for the recommendations guys
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