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P4K Predictions & General Music Criticism Thread



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    “In a review of “Wouldn’t Leave” for Pitchfork, Jonah Bromwich said that Kanye should know that he doesn’t deserve Kim’s forgiveness. But what does Kanye need to be forgiven for? Having his own opinions? In a sense, he’s fulfilling and negating the image of the “free artist” that society presses on us every day in advertisements for liberal arts colleges and in AT&T commercials. Be yourself, they say! Find yourself! Get a scholarship! Subscribe! But don’t forget to read the rules and regulations — if you don’t meet them, your contract will be voided.“

    “He still wants to “go dumb,” to “set the nuke off on ‘em.” For Kanye, provoking people by challenging the status quo is part of both his self-exploration and theirs — at least that’s his hope. In forcing to the surface the issues people have with his behavior, he’s encouraging them to explore their own reactions. That is, of course, one of the tasks of being an artist. Maybe what he wants most is to represent the Other for us. If so, are we willing to think about that?”
  • Tinymixtapes still the best in the game
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    When it’s not like, 100% indulgence that is
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    Shooty are you serious. Kanye's only allowed to have these "free thoughts" because he's been lucky enough to make it financially and hasn't had to deal with oppression on the same level that other minorities have now and throughout history. His idea of systemic oppression is not being accepted by rich white fashion designers. Black people elsewhere are having a hard time just being allowed to subsist without the opportunity to assimilate on the mass level like Kanye. Spewing shit like slavery was a choice, Trump is an inspiration, and being unaware of actions like attempts to revoke Dreamers and the Muslim ban just shows exhibits my point. Kanye is not some forward thinking philosopher but rather a rich black guy who's been given access to white thought by way of wealth allowing him to be ignorant and culturally unaware without significant repercussions. His production is great but he's a fucking idiot
  • TMT is such a fucking joke
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    Yeah I’m serious, to clarify. Thought it was a really well written review and if offered a unique perspective, don’t necessarily agree with it- the whole Kanye thing is pretty complicated imo. I’m interested in all the different takes on it. I’ve heard yours before but I hadn’t really heard the one they offered.
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    Could you expand on the idea that that minorities aren’t “allowed to have these ‘free thoughts’” without financial success?
  • yea I mean he's no philosopher and a total idiot but I also think the sanctimony is a bit over the top when it comes to him. how many people who say they're done with Kanye still are fine with Woody Allen or R Kelly or Swans? I feel like pedophelia and sexual assault are worse than being a loud mouthed idiot but I dunno
  • also I think if we're convincing ourselves that Kanye changed somehow we're wrong. Think about MBDTF for a second, of course that guy would be a Trump supporter. He's never been "woke", the few occasions where it's seemed like he has been is because of Rhymefest lol
  • maybe I'm missing something here. His "choosing to be a slave" comment is so unbelievably and viscerally stupid that I don't understand how anybody could possibly take it seriously. maybe I underestimate how dumb people are
  • The only thing he wants, is the same thing he's always wanted: people talking about him.
  • The thing is, it’s a new low for Kanye, and with comments like that he’s just giving ammo for alt-right dipshits and co-signing their propaganda just to get attention. It’s repulsive and abhorrent.

    And let me be clear, Kids See Ghosts is probably my AOTYSF, so I haven’t been able to cut him out of my music listening options and at this point in time I don’t want to. But that doesn’t excuse this fuckery, and while you’re right that he’s always been an egomaniac, that’s no excuse. Just because you don’t take his slavery comments seriously doesn’t mean some ignorant racist ass white people won’t see that and say “yeah he gets it!”
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    In a way it’s a more extreme and outright offensive version of the condescending “pull up by your bootstraps” rhetoric that Bill Cosby always had.
  • i'm not excusing it, i'm just saying it's not surprising and i never expected anything Kanye did to be for the greater good
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    he's always been selfish and/or ignorant to the world's problems: I.E. a republican lol
  • i'm just seriously wondering how he gets more backlash for this than a Swans or XXX or whoever else and i think that's because we as a society had higher expectations for him and i don't see why
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    maybe R Kelly is a good foil because some of the same people (like on Twitter, not here) freaking out about Kanye's comments were freaking out that Spotify took R Kelly off their official playlist. or even ignoring that because there will always be some people not being critical, just the media coverage of these two things.

    once again: i'm pretty sure pedophelia sex slavery is worse than being an idiot but i don't know
  • and i don't think i get a special cookie for being like "our priorities as a society are confusing, man" but there is something about how this has all played out that's weird to me, and maybe i'm just not doing a great job of articulating it
  • honestly, maybe i'm not doing a great job of understanding it
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    Kanye is a more famous figure that's why the backslash seems greater. XXX and Gira hold nowhere near the same amount of spectacle and publicity. It's silly to bring them up. And it's not as if Michael Gira is singing about rape the same way Kanye's idiocy is woven into his lyrics. Moon you're acting as if Kanye idiot comments are just these little innocuous opinions but trust me when I say they've already had a negative impact on black people and emboldened coons like Candace Owens. When you suggest 400 years of oppression is a choice you suggest that the oppressed have a victim complex and are just mentally inferior The blame completely flips and the oppressor is then absolved of wrongdoing.

    And Shooty it's not that minorities aren't allowed to have free thoughts, but rather thoughts that are so naive and culturally blind to systematic oppression because they endure it on a daily basis. If Kanye were an immigrant or on medicaid or of Muslim decent he'd be more aware of how closely liberty is tied to class in this country. He's only thinking freely in that his thoughts are free from books, knowledge, socioeconomics and reality.
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    my two cents is that you can’t understand a disease by its symptoms alone, you need an interpretive framework (sociology, psychology, economics, history, marxism, etc) to make sense of it.
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    Which is why I kinda think the outcry against the man Kanye West, the man Bill Cosby, the man Donald Trump is really only the illusion of politics
  • i mean Donald Trump is actually undermining our democracy and stability in the globe at every turn but y'know
  • and Bill Cosby raped dozens of people
  • and Kanye is a spoiled privileged idiot
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    You’re actually affirming my point toon
  • i'm not trying to affirm or deny it, i think putting Kanye in the same bucket as those other two is ridiculous
  • but also i get the perspective that at some point you're just weighing how much shit your holding and either way you need to wash your hands
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    I feel like what should he examined and possibly combatted is the conditions of possibility of all of this, which is, obviously, (neo)liberal capitalism and western ‘democracy’
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