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  • I actually liked that it was so dense, it made the viewing that much more draining for me.
  • I'm gonna see it in a few days,

    you fellas get me hype!
  • Hereditary

    I thought this was great. The twists and turns the story took kept me guessing, and made me reevaluate what the film was about several times before actually just giving it to you and being like "yeah this is what it is"
    Very Rosemary's Baby in that sense. Once I had figured that out (which admittedly was by like the last 20 or so minutes) I was able to really just settle in and get scared.

    The cinematography was brilliant, the amount of blocking that made it look very stagey worked well (i'm assuming that was deliberate considering the opening scene) and the extremely slow pans and long takes were effective.
    The performances were all solid to fantastic. The obvious stand out is Toni, but as TJ said Ann Dowd was great as the friend, and I am on the fence about the son.
    What he did worked well, it all felt believable in the moment but I see what Robby's saying.

    Stetson's soundtrack only added to the dread and the horror of the film, another plus.

    I think what sold me on everything though, was the scares. The horror elements. They were not forced, they did not jump, they were always introduced in a way that said "Isn't this creepy, aren't you scared?" not like "BOOM got ya, haha!"
    That was so thrilling to watch. I was expecting jump scares, and they appeared early on, but once it settled in it just starts and all you can do is just endure it.

    I kinda agree with the lines of dialogue, felt almost added in post to give "clarity" to what's going on.
    All in all I felt it was refreshingly scary without being shocking, and never pretended that it was something other than what it was.
    A fuckin' horror film.

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    I'm willing to give teenager portrayals a pass because they're not well-adjusted, emotionally mature adults yet. They're teenagers. They often are stilted, awkward, uneven, blank, all of which make good performances sometimes look like bad ones.
  • iunno.

    he looked as old as Jason Schwartzmann did in Rushmore.

    maybe that's an unfair link. Maybe links are unfair because kids develop at different times. I dunno.
  • Sure, and I get why people wouldn't like his perf, but I didn't mind it.
  • tbh only thing keepin hereditary from being charmingly esoteric was the soundtrack w basic fluttering saxomojazz rudiments. not really that into horrorjazz
  • I honestly don't remember any sax in the score
  • Colin Stetson did the music so there was definitely sax
  • solaris was cool
  • the real solaris that is
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    only reason i didnt see it already was that sleeping pill of a remake
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    i had a whole thing happen recently where a complicated chain of misunderstandings lead me to have convincing reason to believe my girlfriend was dead for like 2 hours and just based on that I don’t think I could have watched that movie if I was an actual widow (or whatever widow in the masculine is i forget) shit would be like eating glass
  • widower
  • that’s what I thought but doesn’t that sound like the dude who does the dieing?
  • I liked both Solaris(es) quite a bit.
  • Never saw the Soderbergh, but the Tarkovsky is an all time favorite
  • hm

    the good doctor seems to be lukewarm on Hereditary,

  • watched Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

    Incredibly entertaining, and quite impressive how the film makers found ways to make the pretty one note comedic conceit work for as long as it did.

  • Yeah that movie’s a lotta fun
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