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The YouTube Thread



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    Best Claps in the Game, y'all!

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    Lindsay Ellis will be on the PBS Digital Studios YouTube channel, starts July 4! Series is called It's Lit! It's about book to movie adaptations, YA novels, etc. Can't wait to see this!!
  • Stoked!
  • Her retrospective on Hunchback of Notre Dame was amazing
  • always stoked to see a new contra
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    This Chapo Trap House podcast is a hilarious Jordan Peterson takedown

  • i dont think i've browsed the internet in over half a yr without reading petersons name somewhere. pls make it stop.
  • ppl are getting pretty good at impersonating him though so thats a +
  • I’m so fucking tired of people talking about this idiot
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    In a way I'm also tired of it, but I'm still interested in him because he such a large and devoted following. Why do people cling to him and his views so fervently? It borders on a cult-like following, and cults are endlessly fascinating to me, despite telling the same story over and over again.

    But yeah, sorry for perpetuating the cycle @Robby
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    Earlier today, Natalie (ContraPoints) posted this Twitter thread on the kind of trans woman Tiffany Tumbles represents, it was really eye-opening for me. So was the video itself. I had kind of assumed the Tiffany types were sincere.

    I wonder if a similar mindset is present for other "Uncle Tom" type people, like black people who go on Fox News to repeat the "black community needs to take responsibility, get married", or the conservative gays (Milo) types who shit on other gay people and call them lazy.

  • It's happening! Lindsay is on PBS!!!
  • Peterson tells ppl to clean their their room and have good posture and be men which is all dad stuff so if the psychoanalysts arn’t COMPLETELY wrong about EVERYTHING peterson’s popularity actually makes a lot of sense
  • also im rlly rlly proud of my peterson impression
  • that Contra video was so damn good
  • Fuckin love Creationist Cat

    This also exposes me to Rubin’s latest dumbest take ever:

    “The Left hates gamers, they don’t like people who solve problems!”
  • “Gamers wanna get shit done. That’s not what The Left likes! So they have to hate gamers.”
  • lol youtube is hilarious n awakens the evil side of time spending
  • so many positive negative positive negative n the search for the ultimate positive negative or negative positive
  • finally happened, dudez

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    well this is a Hot Ones guest I wasn’t expecting

  • Contra’s gonna be in my area for vidcon this weekend and is apparently doing a meetup on Friday, I’m thinking of going.
  • As someone who has been a fan of both channels in the past, it pains me to say this but both Boogie and Ethan from h3h3 are disingenuous idiots.

  • 6:50 - I'd like an example of when slowly and methodically changing minds has ever prevented backlash.

    If we wait until everyone's mind is cordially changed before changing civil rights, they'd never change! I feel like Boogie's fence-sitting centrism will always result in inaction, and these issues will never graduate from debate into action if you insist on viewing both sides of every issue as two sides of the same coin.
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    Fence sitting centrism is fucking stupid and boogie is 100% exemplary of that. Just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you’re good
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    And fuck boogie for putting some of the blame for the deaths in Charlottesville on Anita.
  • that h3h3 podcast seems like joe rogan experience jr. from what I’ve seen of it
  • eh.
    I like it when they goof on memes.
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