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The YouTube Thread



  • Hbomberguy had a good take on what boogie said:

    For centrists, white nationalism is a 'hat' you can 'try on'. It's essentially a game, and one side has more of a sense of humour.
    But 'not being able to get married' or 'being murdered' aren't hats people can just take off.
    I wonder why they have less of a sense of humour.
  • @TTK oh there's no doubt they're entertaining
  • “I’d be more receptive to your critiques if you used more memes.”
  • Remember that one time someone hilariously memed their car into a crowd of people?
  • (Before you assume I actually came up with a witty joke, I stole that from ContraPoints)
  • btw new contra vid tomorrow

  • for anyone who remembers being on the internet prior to 2010.
  • enjoying this Banger TV channel -- all metal reviews and discussions. most all-metal review channels are crap (I loved JumbleJunkie and Yaksniffer but neither of those channels are up anymore) so glad that I'm digging this one

  • edited July 2018
    Agreed, their live show Lock Horns is really good fun!
  • been waiting months to see Lindsay tackle this motherfucker, and she did not disappoint

  • I hate it!
  • yet another Hot Ones guest that I was not expecting

  • i’m so jealous of that interviewer. he’s great too, well earned
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    @demi if you're interested in more leftist youtube channels like ContraPoints, this thread's OP might be helpful
  • thanks @yama! I'm onto a few of these already, so that's good.
    I've used "Innuendo Studios" to help teach and expand some ideas with visual content in class;
    and my close social network with gaming profs and "jam city" types put me on Fem. Fequency for a bit now.
    AND CODY! <3

  • Vice did a 3 part series on one man black metal projects a while back, and Im watching it now.
    The way these guys talk about isolation and people interests me, but not in a way that I relate to. I have anxieties and what not based a lot on my want to be better and my attempts to approach people with open arms but being held back.

    It's like these guys just have taken what happens in their head and almost have given over to it. There's no more fighting with them, the anxiety has won, they don't like to be around people.
    I don't like to be around people much either but that bothers me, not because it's not "normal", but because I know I want to be more outgoing.

    Just some rambling I wanted to put out there, but still, interesting series.
  • @TTK I'll have to watch that, looks really interesting
  • I worry about guys like Xasthur. You can clearly see marks on his arm where he's cut himself.
  • I hope more schools start doing this. Ever since high school I’ve viewed the pledge of allegiance as McFascism.

  • Yea I was one of those kids who wouldn't do the pledge, I'd stand but not put my hand on my heart or say it. Standing was usually enough to not get yelled at
  • Also the way kids recite it all at the same time always made it sound so cultish.
  • fuck the pledge of allegiance. i never said it once i got to high school
  • tbh we should keep it for that reason
  • So some people refuse to do it but most people don't?
  • edited August 2018
    It’s a low hanging fruit for making the order of things look really silly which is good imo

    It would take a lot to concince me it’s functioning indoctrination cuz most little kids probably don’t know what indivisible republic or alligence mean lol
  • im also not really that serious before this turns into a thing lol
  • yea i deleted that second comment because it sounded snarkier than i intended to be
  • it's pretty a pretty unimportant issue
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