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2018 hype



  • RYM is tearing this apart and it makes no sense. There wasn’t nearly that kind of instantly negative reaction when Views dropped (which was a MUCH worse album), but now that Drake lost a high profile beef his music is automatically trash? I feel like I know good Drake from bad Drake at this point, and for the most part this ain’t bad Drake.
  • June 2018 has been the craziest month for new music since... fuck, March 2015 maybe?
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    Yeah I haven’t listened to it, but based on my enjoyment for Nice for What, there is no way this is a sub 2 record. RYM can be weird.
  • It is? Feel like I must've missed stuff
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    To me it has been, anyway
  • SOPHIE, KSG, Snitch, NIN, Whack World, OPN, Black Thought, and YOB, Vein and the Converge / Code Orange EPs to round out the metal releases (and I haven’t even gotten to Tomb Mold yet). For me anyway it’s been a rad month.
  • and I haven’t even gotten to Kamasi yet either
  • I’m totally on board with calling it a very strong month.
  • I don't think it's all that better than Views is not saying much at all
  • Kamasi is really great. And Scorpion is way better than Views.
  • Sorry I phrased that wrong... Views is fucking awful therefore being better than it is not saying much about the album's quality
  • lol I probably should’ve finished the second disc before I called Scorpion “fucking great”
  • I’ve cooled off on it, but there are still good things on the second disc. This definitely should have been a 12 or 13 track album though, this shit is way too long.
  • the MJ track pissed me off
  • Yeah that was too much.
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    He pulled the same shit with Pimp C on Views. It’s honestly such an exploitative practice to me. Look out guys next he’s going to dig up some long lost mediocre David Bowie demo so he can license it for a “feature” on the next album.
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    I would not be surprised in the least. He is an egotistical fuck face who occasionally makes good music.
  • we getting new Earth record this year thoooo
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    There’s some festival in California happening soon where they’re playing Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull in its entirety.
  • desert daze I think, I don’t go to festivals but I wouldn’t be surprised if a tour is in the works
  • looks like we’re getting a new Sunn album too, here’s to hoping it’s better (and longer) than Kannon
  • In the studio with Steve Albini, it’s in the comments section. Holy shit. I wonder if they’re playing poker
  • Ooohhhh

    A double album. Based on Deakin and Avey’s albums, I have high hopes for this. It’s gotta be better than Painting With.
  • Definitely intrigued, but it doesn’t seem like a proper studio album. Kinda seems like it’ll be an ODDSAC-esque art installation sounding thing, but still excited.
  • very excited for this, saw some of it live at brooklyn steel and it was *out there* in a good way. a return to their deeply psychedelic roots
  • It might be a studio version of the music they played. And I read somewhere that Deakin wrote the majority of the it.
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    “Canary Yellow” and “Honeycomb” (upon second listen) are so fucking good, I’m officially hyped as hell for the new Deafheaven. It’s gotta be better than New Bermuda.
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    Some early reviews saying it’s better than Sunbather, but we’ll have to see about that. There’s a song with Chelsea Wolfe on lead vocals.
  • Some killer releases this week. New Deafheaven, new Imperial Triumphant,new Birds in Row, new Laurel Halo, new Lotic, new Dirty Projectors, new Between The Buried and Me (if you’re into that), new Obscura, new Donato Dozzy from Voices from The Lake.
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