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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



  • or Red Album
  • basically just stick to Blue, White and Pinkerton and you’ve got the essentials, tho Everything Will Be Alright in the End is very good besides a few crap singles, and Hurley is alright (never heard Maladroit) but really stick to those three
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    tlop is the best kanye album is a possible opinion and also my opinion
  • I like it, but why do you think it’s his best? @shooty
  • I just fw progressive structures in rap songs
    Theres a lot of dead weight in tlop which I feel like completely serves to highlight the gems, which are mostly when kanye actually takes the autotune off his voice and like, yknow, raps

    I also think theres a really cool reflection of the lyrical themes of the album, a lot about imperfection and love in motion and the way he released the album progressively without really finally announcing this or that version to be definitive

    it also dropped literally like a week or two before i went to college for the first time so it has a very special place in my human development
  • It also has every single one of my favorite kanye bars which is becuase it has the most absolutely absurd kanye bars.

    He tried to do that again in ye but bleached asshole >>>> without cum and me and taylor might still have sex >>>>> me too’d and a massive number of other examples
  • The Sun's Tirade > Damn.
  • Agreed, Damn was a letdown for me
  • I still love DAMN. but there are at least 3 songs on there that I never listen to and I go back to kdot’s previous projects with more frequency.
  • Oh I still quite love DAMN. It's right there with untitled unmastered., which is really fucking underrated by some. I have those two over Section 80, personally.
  • uu is one of my favorite projects by him eaisly
  • i love damn; i gave it a relisten last week and it was as fresh as ever. his third best, to me
  • Love is garbage
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    not my favorite on the record but still a decent track imo
  • that’s definitely the one I never listen to, I also skip Humble which I was never crazy about to begin with.
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    I like Humble because of the way the high notes go like a half-step lower and fade out sound really cool to me
  • It's less about Damn being bad and more about Sun's Tirade being underrated
  • I’m sorry, that Isaiah Rashad album is pretty good, but no way is it better than Damn. Opinions though
  • Cntrl was easily the best TDE record from last year.
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    i do agree that rashad is underrated, though. sun’s tirade is pretty fucking dope. and i love cilvia demo, jam it regularly
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    ifican pay my bills im goooo
  • Deathwish’s catalog is vastly overrated compared to a label like Hydra Head or pre-2010 Southern Lord
  • also not a controversial opinion but I was looking through Southern Lord’s catalog and wtf Dave Grohl put out a solo record on there under the name Probot how did I never know this
  • you don't remember Probot?
  • Probot was something I was s’posed to remember?
  • Probot is kinda cool, but I forgot about it a long time ago
  • Btw just for the record I do love a ton of artists associated with Deathwish but looking through their catalog there’s a lot of really samey bands. For whatever reason lately I’ve been going through the catalogs of various labels I enjoy and finding records and bands on there that I haven’t gotten to, and also just to determine how consistent they’ve been throughout the years. Hydra Head and Southern Lord have a lot of really cool looking albums and EPs I’ve either never heard of or just haven’t gotten to, whereas I feel I’ve heard all the essentials from Deathwish and a lot of those obscure bands look a little... samey? Like most of them are recorded by Kurt Ballou, most of them have similar looking art from Jacob Bannon, so I’m gonna get to these bands but they look kinda... eh.

    (Sry long stoned rant about metal record labels in perhaps the wrong thread sry.)
  • Centipede Hz is much better than Sung Tongs sorry that is my awful opinion for the day don't kill me geoboy
  • Not if I get to you first
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