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The Rate an Artist's Discography Thread



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    With Pretty Hate Machine and Broken just trailng.

    1. The Downward Spiral
    2. Pretty Hate Machine
    3. Broken
    4. The Fragile
    5. Bad Witch
    6. The Slip
    7. Hesitation Marks
    8. Not The Actual Events
    9. Year Zero
    10.Add Violence
    11.With Teeth
  • Weezer because it’s on my mind:

    Pinkerton - 10/10
    Weezer [White Album] - 9/10
    Weezer [Blue Album] - 9/10
    Everything Will Be Alright in the End - 7.5/10
    Hurley - 6/10
    Weezer [Green Album] - 5/10
    Weezer [Red Album] - 5/10
    Pacific Daydream - 4/10
    Make Believe - 1/10
    Raditude - 0/10
  • Drake:

    Take Care
    Nothing Was The Same
    So Far Gone
    If You're Reading This
    Thank Me Later
    More Life
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    That’s almost correct:

    Take Care
    Nothing Was The Same
    If You’re Reading This
    Thank Me Later
    More Life
    So Far Gone
  • dude So Far Gone is way better than More Life
  • You can actually switch those, I edited a couple times and i think I made a boo boo
  • the only Drake album I've listened to front to back more than once is Take Care
  • Can we all agree Marvin's Room is a perfect song?
  • That’s a good song.
  • Marvin's Room is quite good.
  • Anybody here fans of Low? They are remarkably consistent but kinda fell into a rut with a couple of records early this decade. In 2015 though, they released Ones and Sixes which was an interesting album and a step in the right direction. They have a new album coming out in September called Double Negative that leaked 2 months early (good old Sub Pop). I’ve been listening over the past few days and ,boy, was I not expecting this. It’s an excellent record that is among their best and may end up being my favorite. I think it rivals their best album, Things We Lost in The Fire, and that’s saying something. Even if you’ve never heard a Low record before, this is a good a place to start as any. A contender for AOTY, highly recommended.


    Things We Lost In The Fire

    Double Negative

    Secret Name

    Songs For A Dead Pilot

    Drums and Guns

    Long Division

    Ones and Sixes

    I Could Live In Hope

    The Curtain Hits The Cast


    The Great Destroyer


    The Invisible Way

  • Fly sounds like some lost Kate Bush song or something, there’s weird glitches, experiments with sound that pop up throughout. Such a bold record, I’m still kinda shocked that they pulled this off 25 years into their career.
  • I could Live in Hope is a personal classic, ill peep that new stuff for sure, thanks for the heads up manny
  • I should listen to em more tho I haven’t been able to get into that many slowcore bands. I think Bedhead is the only one I’ve listened to that I really really love.
  • Low haven’t been slowcore for a long time tho.
  • The new one is pretty magical, check it for sure.
  • @Shooty and @Robby don’t go into this expecting their 90’s sound.
  • I’ve always heard them mentioned in those circles. What’s different about this sound vs their old one?
  • edited July 2018
    Listen to this record or something like Drums and Guns and then you’ll know right away. There’s much more movement. Actually, despite the experimentation, Double Negative comes the closest to hitting the spots that the old sound does more than any record in quite awhile. No previous experience with Low required though.
  • Deafheaven:

    Demo - 8/10
    Roads to Judah - 8.5/10
    Sunbather - 9/10
    New Bermuda - 6/10
    Ordinary Corrupt Human Love - 8/10
  • Eminem:

    The Slim Shady LP - 8/10
    The Marshal Mathers LP - 10/10
    The Eminem Show - 8/10
    Encore - 5/10
    Relapse - 6/10 (underrated album)
    Recovery - 5/10
    The Marshal Mathers LP 2 - 5/10
    Revival - 2/10
  • This is pretty accurate
  • Revival was laughter bad, I couldn’t finish it
  • gonna completely rip off @TTK's essay-type approach to discography retrospectives, in this case for a band y'all know I love:


    Absolutego — 6.5/10 (Good stepping stone for the band, decent Earth-worship drone metal with some screamed vocals here and there, but they would really blow this record away very very soon.)
    Amplifier Worship - 9.5/10 (This is where Boris really starts to fuck shit up. "Huge" and "Vomitself" are monstrous pieces of drone/doom, still two of their heaviest tracks ever. Meanwhile this album also features multifaceted epics like "Ganbou-Ki" and "Kuruimizu". First in a long line of masterpiece-to-near-masterpiece Boris records.)
    Flood — 10/10 (One of the most important pieces of music to me, and one that can truly be called an epic. The looped guitar of part 1 and the way that moves into the moody ballad-like part 2 (complete with maybe my favorite guitar solo of all time, so damn emotive I sometimes cry just thinking about it), the transcendence and then pure destruction of part 3, and the contemplative calm of part 4, gliding this record out. Just perfection. Everything I could want in an epic piece of rock music is right here.)
    Heavy Rocks — 10/10 (...and just about everything I could want in a swaggering, hard n' heavy rock album is right here too. This is the first time Boris went for something with more of a straightforward, more accessible approach to songwriting, and they knock it out of the park with this one. "Heavy Friends" might be their best track (other than the long-form songs anyway) but this album is chock full of some of the band's best material ever. "Korosu", "Dyna-Soar", "Death Valley", "1970", the hits go on. Not a single wasted moment or weak track here, and definitely Boris's best straightforward rock/metal album.)
    Akuma No Uta — 8.5/10 (Really fucking great, I suppose this is only relatively low compared to the last two albums and the next album, and maybe that has more to do with me having familiarized myself with those albums far more before I got to this one, but overall it's equally as watertight as all of the best early Boris releases.)
    Boris at Last -Feedbacker- — 10/10 (Yet another masterpiece, and I think this might've been the first Boris record I listened to. Like Flood, this really features so much of what makes Boris great in one package. And like that album as well, there's really not much I can say that can do justice to the journey it takes you on. Just another all-time favorite of mine in this discography.)
    Dronevil — 9/10 (Pure drone metal greatness. "Evil Wave Form" and "The Evil One Which Sobs" are all time classic Boris tunes. Definitely not their most varied release but nonetheless a really great concentration on this particular side of Boris.)
    Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura" — 6/10 (One of the many miscellaneous side albums Boris has released. I only listened to this once back in 2012 and I barely remember a thing about it, and according to my rym review at the time I thought it was pretty average demo-quality stuff. I remember this rendition of "A Bao A Qu" being good, but that's a track Boris has done several iterations of.)
    Pink — 9.5/10 (Their most popular album for very, very good reason. Pretty much have no complaints about it, it's one of their most varied albums in that it gives you a taste of a lot of the sounds Boris works with, but nonetheless it feels cohesive and watertight as an album. "Blackout", "Just Abandoned My-self" and "Farewell" are all in the top 10 Boris tracks ever as well. Vinyl tracklist > CD tracklist, though, as is sometimes the case with Boris.)
    Vein — 7/10 (One of their strangest releases, partially because there are technically three albums under this name. The compiled version released in 2013 is probably the most "complete" so I'll go with that. Regardless, easily their rawest, noisiest, most blood-soaked release. Basically a noisecore album with screamed vocals from Atsuo throughout, and it sounds pretty hellish and grotesque the whole way through, which I very much dig. It's almost a precursor to that Full of Hell & Merzbow album, in terms of sound at least. Definitely check it out if you're interested in a Boris album that goes for that sort of thing.)
    Altar — 9/10 (Collab with Sunn O))), and given that this was recorded when both bands were pretty much at their peak, it's fantastic. And surprisingly unpredictable, because there are compositions and arrangements here that sound different from anything either band has done before. It's like they came together to make something totally new, that they couldn't have done on their own. Must admit I haven't listened to this in a minute, but every time I do return to it, it gets better and better.)
    Rainbow — 8/10 (First collab with Michio Kurihara, who I've seen play live with Boris and he's a fucking beast. Title track to this is a classic, must admit I haven't listened to this in a good while either but I recall loving it's psychedelic, hazy feel. It definitely captures that feeling much better than the Soundtrack album.)
    Rock Dream — 9/10 (Live album with Merzbow, there are actually quite a few collabs with Merzbow that I have yet to listen to like Sun Baked Snow Cave, Megatone and Klatter. But this has some of my favorite renditions of classic Boris songs, and Merzbow's contributions make these songs sound even more electrifying in a live setting. This and the Smile live record really showcase the powerhouse that is a Boris show.)
    Smile US Version — 7/10 (Now here's where things get weird... so Boris put out 3 albums called Smile in 2008, two studio albums and one live. The U.S. and Japanese editions of the Smile album have similar tracklists but radically different renditions of each song, so I'm treating them as separate records. This version was put out by Southern Lord, and it's a pretty good, straightforward rock album with some drone and experimental tendencies, but it admittedly sounds a little weak compared to...)
    Smile Japan Version — 8/10 (Same tracks, very different and much more experimental sound. The arrangements and instrumentation here is whacked out and insane, turning tracks like "Statement" from straightforward rock tunes to... whatever genre it is here. Definitely the version of this album I return to most frequently.)
    Smile -Live at Wolf Creek- — 8.5/10 (Really great live rendition of Smile tracks as well as non-album stuff like "Floor Shaker". Ditto much of what I said about Rock Dream.)
    New Album — 6.5/10 (So 2011 seems to be the year where Boris's slump finally came, but even then there's some good stuff here. Basically their most concerted attempt at a J-Pop sound, and they do it reasonably well while keeping it fairly fuzzy and experimental. A lot of synths here which are fairly new for Boris, and overall it's a decent listen.)
    Attention Please — 5/10 (Basically a watered down version of New Album for the American release. No idea why they didn't just release New Album here instead, but w/e.)
    Heavy Rocks II — 7/10 (Definitely a letdown compared to one of Boris's best albums ever, but there are some really fun stuff like "Riot Sugar" and "Jackson Head" and three god-tier Boris tracks in "Missing Pieces", "Aileron" and "Czechoslovakia" (vinyl version only, once again). But they were most definitely showing their age at this point.)
    Präparat — 6/10 (Yet another bizarre vinyl-only album, though thankfully there's more quality here than in some of the vinyl-only bullshit we're gonna get to soon. A few real keepers like "Elegy" but overall a lot of it sounds like recorded jam sessions or tossed off sonic ideas. This was probably the last of these kinds of Boris releases that I actually liked, so there's that at least.)
    Noise — 6.5/10 (I vacillate between a 6 and 7 on this one. There are some really great tracks here like "Angel" and even a terrific pop song in "Taiyo No Baka" but it doesn't really come together as a cohesive album. A few of the songs, "Melody" and "Heavy Rain" in particular, worked a lot better live, and then there are songs like "Vanilla" which are pretty middle of the road for Boris. Definitely a case of the band recycling old sounds, but still doing those sounds justice. This was definitely a moment tho when the band, again, were showing their age.)
    Urban Dance — 5/10 (Ok, now we reach the point where I have officially had it with these side vinyl-only albums. This one actually has one or two salvageable songs like "Surrender" and isn't nearly as boring as...)
    Warpath — 2/10 (Worst Boris album ever. Like all these records, it's barely an album, and it's filled with some of the band's laziest material ever. How can the band that did Feedbacker come out with drone and noise tracks this blah? Practically unlistenable, I was actively angry as I listened to it and I probably never will again.)
    Asia — didn't listen/10 (Didn't have any faith that this would be any less of a waste of time than the other two albums in this series. Let's just move ahead and pretend these "albums" never happened.)
    Gensho — 6/10 (This was billed as another collaborative record with Merzbow, but what it actually is is one disc of Boris performing stripped down renditions of older material and a disc of Merzbow noises, meant to be played at the same time. The Boris material alone is way too spare and stripped back, and their version of MBV's "Sometimes" here isn't nearly as powerful and moving as their version for the Yellow Loveless tribute album. But playing it alongside the Merzbow disc is interesting. I dunno, this was pretty much a disappointment from me but it certainly has more value than those 2015 records.)
    Dear — 7.5/10 (I'm a little less hot on this than I was last year, but I'd still say it's easily the best thing they've done in the 2010s even if it's not to the heights of something like Dronevil or whatever. A few of the songs here get samey, but the highs are so goddamn high and stuff like "Dystopia", "Dear", "The Power", "Memento Mori" are some of the band's best material in years. Definitely a return to form for them, even if it's not mindblowing at the end of the day.)

    Stuff I haven't listened to:
    The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Pt. 1-3
    Megatone (w/ Merzbow)
    Sun Baked Snow Cave (w/ Merzbow)
    Walrus / Groon (w/ Merzbow)
    Klatter (w/ Merzbow)
    Eros (w/ ENDON)
    Cloud Chamber (w/ Michio Kurihara)
  • jesus christ that took forever
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    welcome to doing what I do

    Flood II is amazing. I agree with Pink, Heavy Rocks, and Akumo No Uta.
  • like Boris obviously has a lot of albums...but I wasn't really cognizant of HOW MANY FUCKING ALBUMS they have until I did this
  • sun baked snow cave is rlly cool
  • time to get into boris
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