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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • gare du nord @ the st. christopher’s inn hostel!
  • didn’t listen to this when it came out but this band is opening up for Code Orange next weekend so I wanted to check em out. This is really fucking rad, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a better mix of rap and hardcore music. (Not that that pool was large to begin with.)

  • the dj koze record is just so full of riches... so many awesome grooves, catchy melodies, and clever hooks. colorful all around and one of my favorites of the year
  • It kinda went in the background for me when I tried it last month but I’ll give it another spin
  • This is FUCKING AWESOME. Maybe the best Justin Broadrick project I've heard thus far (yeah even more than any Godflesh)

  • I love the project with Jarboe but I'm intrigued gonna check it out

  • I'm really liking the new Winterfylleth. They used to do atmo black metal, but this new album is purely dark folk, and it's really good!
  • really dig a couple of their albums, they're hard to keep up with because they put out so much material
  • Really? Their last album came out in 2016, I haven't heard anything by them since then.

    Some of these tracks are like the folk passages in Ne Obliviscaris that just never transition into black metal. It's a really relaxing listen, at least for me.
  • edited July 15
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