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  • Lanthimos doing a costume drama, looks awesome

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    Fox Searchlight is positioning it as their The Shape Of Water for this awards season, which I find interesting.

    As a film, I’m excited for anything Lanthimos does at this point. Weisz looks A+.
  • What’s most interesting to me is that this is the first of his films not written by himself and Efthymis Filippou. The camerawork looks decidedly Lanthimosian tho
  • That IS interesting. I didn’t know he didn’t write the film. I wonder if he is applying his visual stylings to something more commercial, or if it’s going to be as absurd as his usual films.
  • It doesn’t look too commercial from the trailer, but who knows. It is Searchlight.
  • MZS is praising Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on the twitter. Love the guy but I hated the first one so damn much so ehhhhh
  • thought walkabout was dope
    i read a review that called it racist tho
    do u guys think walkabout is racist
  • It's racial not racist
  • TIFF and Venice lineups released and holy fuck so much I'm excited about.

    First of all... HIGH LIFE!!! Maybe my most anticipated film of the last few years. Another one... the extremely fucking belated follow-up to The Babadook, this one's called The Nightingale. Also new movies from Barry Jenkins, Lanthimos, Cuaron, Coen bros, Reygadas, Assayas, Wiseman, Lowery (apparently Redford's final acting role?), Mia Hansen-Løve, Laszlo Nemes, and uh.... some new guy named Orson Welles? never heard of him.
  • MI6: Fallout is the kind of summer movie that comes along and acts as an enema for all the mediocre cynical crap that usually gets churned out this season. So motherfucking good.
  • I'm so excited to see it.
  • It has 2 or 3 of the most breathtaking action setpieces I’ve ever seen... but that was also the case with the last two. Fuck this series is so consistent
  • ugh i am so hyped to see it
  • the great dictator is a shit movie
  • is an opinion I’d be really interested in meeting someone who has, I just finally watched the whole thing in one sitting having inlg seen the ending before and my godddd what a film like holy shit howd he even do that
  • Like that shit was genuinly really funny, and its like, 78 years old thats crazy
  • Thats the typa movie to send u into essaying mode for weeks knamean
  • I was about to yell at you but then I read the rest of the posts, good save young man
  • rewatched taxi driver the other day, and.... yeah, it’s fucking perfect. i really liked it the first time but this second viewing was another level. every aspect was perfect, but de niro’s performance in particular is perhaps the best male performance i’ve ever seen. absolute chills. so well-deserving of its reputation and probably one of my ten favorite movies now.
  • Re-watched collateral and it's even better than I remember
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    @Robby totally agree, the action in MI6 was so great!
  • also bresson is so dope
    bresson is so dope
    bresson is so dope
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    pickpocket > actual crime movies
  • The Great Dictator is great.
    Collateral is great.
    Taxi Driver is great.
    All the Bresson I have seen is great (Balthasar and L’Argent so far).

    Movies are great.
  • Blindspotting is one of my favorites of the year, right up there with Sorry To Bother You.
  • Nice! I hope to catch it this week.

    And M:I-F is indeed awesome.
  • I already can’t wait to see Fallout again
  • fuck i need to see it this weekend
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