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The YouTube Thread



  • Hbomberguy had a good take on what boogie said:

    For centrists, white nationalism is a 'hat' you can 'try on'. It's essentially a game, and one side has more of a sense of humour.
    But 'not being able to get married' or 'being murdered' aren't hats people can just take off.
    I wonder why they have less of a sense of humour.
  • @TTK oh there's no doubt they're entertaining
  • “I’d be more receptive to your critiques if you used more memes.”
  • Remember that one time someone hilariously memed their car into a crowd of people?
  • (Before you assume I actually came up with a witty joke, I stole that from ContraPoints)
  • btw new contra vid tomorrow

  • for anyone who remembers being on the internet prior to 2010.
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